AppNana Hack: How to Quickly Earn $50

Reading time: 5 minutes

In the last months, I reviewed several apps that reward you to download and test other apps. And today I’ll review another one called “Appnana”. Like other similar sites, the idea of Appnana is that you’ll download and try new apps and you’ll earn points (they call nanas).

And as you earn points or nanas, you can exchange them for countless gift cards from Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, and the list goes on. You also can exchange your nanas for paid apps. So depending on your point of view Appnana could be a good way to save money or to purchase stuff for “free”.

Because this program is very popular many people are looking for hacks, codes, cheats, or for an Appnana sync tool to earn points very easily.

So is there are an Appnana hack or bot that really works with this site?

Read my AppNana review below and discover if there’s a hack tool or trick working for this site.

How Appnana works?

It’s very easy to start:

  1. Download and install AppNana: AppNana is only available for Android or iOS, it’s not a desktop app, if you still haven’t it installed, click here to download it.
  2. Register your account: after it’s installed, you just need to quickly register your account with your email and password.
  3. Start downloading and trying apps: As soon as you joined, you can start earning nanas (points) by downloading and using apps. You’ll be presented with a list of all available apps and how much nanas you can earn. Choose those apps you want to use, download them and use them for some minutes and you’ll be credited.
  4. Exchange your Nanas for gift cards, prizes, and cash: at the moment you earned a good amount of nanas, you can exchange them for countless gift cards from famous brands, prizes and if you think that real cash it better, you can convert them into money and receive via PayPal.

What kind of Apps are available to download and try?

After that you logged into AppNana, you’ll see a list with a bunch of different apps. You’ll see the name of the app, how many nanas you can earn, and exactly what you need to do to receive your points (nanas).

There are games, tools, and every type of app that you can imagine. However, people from different locations will see different apps and offers available. Usually, people from the USA, Canada, and Uk are the ones with the best apps.

However, every app has different requirements to get nanas credited to your account. While at some apps you just need to install and test for some moments, others will require that you open and use for a few days.

Obviously, apps with higher requirements have better rewards.

How much money can you earn with AppNana?

There are several ways to receive your payment, as said before, you can exchange your “Nanas” for many gift cards available from brands like Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Xbox, Facebook, Steam and if you prefer cash, you can cash out via Paypal or Bitcoin.

Every gift card has a different value, so it’s hard to say how many Nanas you need to earn a specific amount of money.

But as an example, to get a $1.00 Amazon gift card, you need 30,000 Nanas and for a $2.00 Paypal payment, you need 45,000 nanas.

It seems impossible to earn so many points, but most of the apps will pay you anywhere from 1,000 to 15,000 points or nanas, so it’s not difficult as it seems.

Is AppNana a scam or legit?

AppNana is not a scam, it’s a great app to earn some extra cash in your spare time and I like their payment options and apps available to download.

However, this is not the type of “business” where you can earn a lot of money. You can earn only a few bucks per day or if you take it seriously and use some tricks explained below, maybe you’ll make $10 – 30 per day.

AppNana Hack and Cheats to Earn More

If you imagined that I would share an Appnana keyword hack or cheat, you’ll be disappointed. You can easily find many websites offering several types of AppNana hacks, bots, Appnana points generators, mod apks and a bunch more code hacks or cheats.

I don’t recommend using any Appnana bot hack for two reasons: first, because these tricks and hacks always don’t work (unless that you found a glitch in their system). And second because if you find a hack or cheat working, you have a big risk of being banned.

Plus the fact that you’ll just waste your time. Almost all those Appnana Hacks will ask you to pass by a “human verification” to prove that you are not a bot. So you’ll not get access to their Appnana hack without the human verification, so with no verification, you can’t download their magical hack.

Recently (just to test) I found some Appnana hack tools on Weebly and tried to download them. I got surprised because to unlock these tools I need to answer a survey and this process happens on all sites promising ways to hack or cheat Appnana. There are no Appnana hacks generators with no surveys or downloads.

Another cheat that I found is one where you need to use an Appnana VPN trick to “play” with the system, so you can possibly find a glitch, and earn 99999 nanas, but it’s also useless and you can be banned.

My legit way to hack Appnana

If you want to earn unlimited Appnana nanas, the best way is by referring new users to join this site.

For every new person that you refer you earn 2,500 nanas. You just need to pick your referral code and invite new people to join using this code.

If you are able to refer a lot of people, you can earn a good amount of money and rewards, with no doubt this is the best AppNana hack for now.