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9 Blog Writing Tips: How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

If you still haven’t started your blog, you might be thinking that to write a perfect blog post you need to be an experienced and great writer. But I’m here to tell you that this is not true.

First because as a blogger that wants to be successful and earn money, writing a long and perfect blog post is a waste of time if you can’t attract visitors and readers to your articles.

The untold cold truth is that as a blogger, what really matters is your ability to attract engaged visitors to your blog. And I constantly see bloggers writing perfect blog posts that are not attracting visitors.

So it means that you don’t need to write great blog posts to be successful?

You need to write great blog posts to be successful, but this is the first step, the second step is getting tons of engaged visitors to your blog posts.

And below I’ll start giving you the best possible blog writing tips that will help you save time when writing blog posts and getting closer to success with your blog:

#1. Don’t waste 2 weeks or more trying to write a perfect blog post

I constantly see some bloggers proud of their blog posts that took 2 or 3 long weeks to write.

Here’s the cold truth, you need to write long and great blog posts, but just because you invested 2 weeks or more of your life writing a 5,000 or 10,000 words article to your blog, it isn’t a guarantee that it will attract tons of traffic and money into your pocket.

Even worst is that you can find many articles with blog writing tips saying that you should do the same; writing a few mega articles per month…

As someone that wants to build a successful blog, the more important part of your blog is getting tons of traffic that will convert into email leads and later into sales or clicks.

And just because you wrote the best blog post in the world it doesn’t mean that it will attract thousands of visitors, because you need a solid strategy to drive traffic to your blog posts.

No solid strategy to get traffic to your blog = waste of time writing that perfect blog post. Remember this.

Here’s my tip: as a new blogger, try to write a great 1,500 or 2,000 words article. And as soon as you start seeing traffic to your posts, then you should start improving it by adding more text.

#2. Invest some time making a keyword research

As I said above, it will be a waste of time writing great blog posts if only your mother is reading your posts.

It’s important to make deep keyword research for two reasons:

  1. You need to know what your audience wants.
  2. SEO is a part of the game and if you put the right keywords in your articles you’ll attract traffic from search engines like Google and Pinterest.

You must write about topics that your audience is searching for, you can’t be a successful blogger just writing what you love.

How do you find keywords that people are searching for?

Below I’ll teach you how to find the best keywords that people are searching for two of the best platforms to get traffic to your blog; Google and Pinterest.

How to find keywords for Google

Google is basically the biggest source of income for most bloggers. There are several great softwares that will help you to find great keywords for Google, some are paid and some are free.

But the best one from my experience is Ubersuggest from Neil Patel. This is an amazing tool that will give you keywords ideas, blog posts and writing ideas that you can “steal” from your competitors, and much more.

And the best thing: it has a free trial version and even the paid version is very cheap.

To get blog writing tips and ideas for SEO with this software, go on Ubersuggest and type a keyword.

As you can see I typed the keyword “start a blog” and the app showed some extra keywords suggestions.

You also can see other important information like volume (monthly searches) how difficult is to rank those keywords, domain ranking of Google SERPs, and many other data.

When you start writing an article, just go there on Ubersuggest, write your keywords, and pick suggested keywords to include in your articles. Usually, long-tail keywords are easier to rank, so try to focus mainly on those keywords.

And how to find keywords for Pinterest

Most bloggers are not using Pinterest as a source of traffic, but the reality is that while on Google is very difficult to rank your posts on first spots, at Pinterest is much easier.

As a new blogger, Pinterest is even better than Google to market your blog posts. Another great news is that finding keywords to use on your blog posts is even easier with Pinterest.

Just sign on to your account and type any keywords in the search bar.

Then Pinterest will display pins with a related keywords suggestion.

These words that will appear are what people are searching for, so it will be a total waste of time if you spend hours writing a great blog post and don’t include these keywords.

#3. Find blog writing ideas spying your competitors

As explained above it’s super important that your blog posts contain keywords that users are searching on sites like Google and Pinterest, so you know what your audience is looking for and you still can generate traffic because you are optimizing your blog posts with searched keywords.

But where and how can you find writing ideas?

Using two tools, one called BuzzSumo and Ubersuggest (again).

BuzzSumo is a tool to find the content that performs best – the title says everything.

To find top content, just go on BuzzSumo.

Then write any keywords you want and BuzzSumo displayed content that got the biggest amount of more shares and engagement on social networking sites.

This is a great tool because if you analyze those sites you can discover what type of content is doing well and replicate those articles improving them and maybe you’ll have a good chance to make your articles successful like the ones you see above.

And you can do the same with Ubersuggest, just go on this site and write the URL of one of your competitors and it will present several competitors with similar content.

Ubersuggest and BuzzSumo are by far the best two apps to find blog writing ideas and tips about what to publish.

#4. Write Like You’re Talking to a Friend

I constantly see many bloggers trying to be a “professional” when they write blog content and frequently they get so overly focused on sounding an “official expert” in their niche.

While professionalism is important, you don’t need to sound like a “guru” writing using an advanced or formal style to write your posts to be recognized as a credible source.

One of the best blog writing tips that I can give you is that you write your articles in the same way as if you talking to a close friend, using a relaxed and simple language, that is easy to communicate.

#5. Create Compelling Headlines With Relevant Keywords

Again, you can write the best article of the universe, but if your title is poor when people find your article on a search engine, what will happen?

They’ll NOT click on your article.

Also, it’s extremely important that you use your main keywords on titles. The main goal of your headlines and keywords is to tell your audience that your content is the answer to their problems.

On your headlines, you should “sell” the solution for what they are searching for.

One important Google ranking factor is the CTR (click-through-rate) of your blog posts.

For example, if your headlines are good and clicked more than your competitors, the Google algorithm will give a boost to your blog and your articles will rank better.

Real example: Instead of writing this headline below:

“How to lose weight”

You can make it much better writing:

“How to lose weight faster using these 7 tips”

Which one of the headlines is more appealing to you? Of course the second will attract many more readers.

In many cases, you can have a short 1,000 words article with a good headline that will attract more readers than a perfect long post with a poor headline.

#6. Make Sure Your Content Is Very Readable

Another important tip when you are writing blog posts. Your posts should be easy, comfortable, and if possible fun to read.

This seems to be one of the most obvious blog writing tips, I still see many people doing this mistake. One of the most commons mistakes that beginners bloggers are doing is making paraphs like this one below:

Hello, my name is John, I’m a beginner blogger and I’m a lazy guy that don’t like to press the space key. I love to write compelling stories about science fiction as a hobby in my spare time. I’m also a big fan of sports. John as a newbie blogger with very limited experience likes to write a lot, but he forgets about good writing practices. As someone new in this activity, he doesn’t know the importance of making sure that his content is readable and easy to understand. So for these reasons his blog posts are horrible to read. Do you see how annoying it is to read a paragraph so long with no proper spaces?  What ends up happening is that people will entirely miss the MAIN POINT that you are trying to make in your blog posts. It goes like this: content, content, more content, MAIN POINT, content, content, content again.  And then I have forgotten what the biggest takeaway was. Would you keep reading if the ENTIRE article was written in this annoying way? It’s SO much easier for readers to think “I don’t have time for this crappy article.  I should be doing something else.” and good-bye!

If you started a new blog, you’ll be competing with thousands of others, and why would someone invest time reading your precious post if you make it hard and annoying to read?

Your blog post needs to be easily readable and scannable so that the reader can evaluate immediately that your article is worth reading.

Other tips and ideas for writing readable articles:

  • Make your posts with lists, so you can break the content making it easier to understand.
  • Bolding, or underlining important texts.
  • Making sure your hyperlinks are in an easily identifiable color (usually blue).
  • Spacing out paragraphs properly.
  • Avoid phrases that are too long.

#7. Spelling Check

Not so long time ago after that my posts were done to be published I used to spend a lot of time just checking spelling mistakes and grammatically incorrect sentences but even doing this with caution, there was always spelling mistakes left.

But this small nightmare ended after that I discovered a plugin available for Chrome called Grammarly. This amazing app is available for Chrome, Microsoft Office, and Windows.

So if you still haven’t used this great plugin you should install it as soon as possible.

As you can see it automatically detects words written incorrectly. This is an amazing tool that saved me hours and hours.

#8. Pay attention to your Blog posts format with these tips

As you learned in school when writing a text, it must contain:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Body.
  3. Conclusion.


The introduction should be short, sweet and make your users curious and engaged to keep reading your post until the end. If you don’t know on average only 40% of your visitors will read your entire article.

In the introduction you must give reasons to your visitors to continue reading otherwise they will just click on the close button.


I don’t need to say that this is the biggest part of your article. After that you give your readers a solid reason to keep reading, here’s the most important part of your blog post.

A great blog post or article should contain these elements:

  • It should give a solution to the problem that they are looking for – the most important part.
  • You must give to them actionable steps to solve their problems (creating lists is a good idea).
  • Keep them engaged in creating curiosity, telling stories.
  • You should try to create an emotional connection with your readers.

Surely there are other elements and blog writing ideas to inspire your readers and make them happy when reading your posts, but the elements above are the most important ones from my experience.


The conclusion is not so much important. Basically, you just need to summarize the article in a few short sentences and include some call to action and it’s done.

#9. If you don’t like to write, then start writing only 500 words per day

Many people plan to start their blogs, but they are not good writers or they simply hate writing.

I have to admit that in the beginning, I hated to write, and even today after 3 long years of blogging, I don’t feel so much comfortable with my writing skills, especially because English is not my native language (I’m from Brazil).

But a curious fact: this article that you are reading has 2,500 words and it took me only 4 hours to write it, you’ll get surprised, but in the beginning, I used to take over 10 hours to write a blog post like this.

And how do I cut for half the time spent writing articles?

This is one of the best tips for writing blog posts faster: I just started writing short blogs of 500-700 words per day as a draft to be published in the next weeks or months.

Simply by practicing after some months, you’ll be a better writer. Certainly today I don’t consider myself a great writer but I still can write good articles consistently and without much pain.

Final Conclusion

In this article, I give you some of the best blog writing tips.

But the reality is that you only will become a better writer after you start practicing.

You can find the best blog writing tips for beginners in the world but if you don’t apply them and start writing there’s no way to become a great writer.