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7 Effective Tips to Get More Traffic to your Blog

7 Effective Tips to Get More Traffic to your Blog

10 minutes Are you tired of reading countless blog posts with “magic” strategies to get tons of traffic just to end up overwhelmed and frustrated? The truth is that almost all of these articles are about easy strategies that don’t work or hacks to get more traffic and these types of effortless strategies will never produce solid results. It’s impossible to get tons of traffic to your blog for months or years with little effort, it’s like trying to get rich fast, you need to Continue

9 Blog Writing Tips: How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

9 Blog Writing Tips: How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

13 minutes If you still haven’t started your blog, you might be thinking that to write a perfect blog post you need to be an experienced and great writer. But I’m here to tell you that this is not true. First because as a blogger that wants to be successful and earn money, writing a long and perfect blog post is a waste of time if you can’t attract visitors and readers to your articles. The untold cold truth is that as a blogger, Continue

12 Bloggers Making over $50,000/month and How they Earn it

9 minutes So, do you think that is impossible to make tons of money blogging? You must think again. You read the title correctly, there are top bloggers making over $50,000 per month (in fact some making over $100k/month), and no, I’m not talking about those big sites like Buzzfeed with hundreds of employees. If you plan to start a blog and earn 4 or even 5 figures per month like these top bloggers, this is the job that can make this goal possible. Although I’m Continue

What Exactly does a Blogger do? And how they Make Money

What Exactly does a Blogger do? And how they Make Money

7 minutes Everyone that is familiar with the internet and technology probably already has heard about “bloggers”. With the rise of smartphones every day more and more people are using the internet, and the term blog and bloggers are starting to pop up a lot more lately and many people are getting curious to know more details and things like what does a blogger do? So if you are also curious… In this article I’ll answer questions like: What is a blog? Why people launch blogs? What does Continue

Top 3 Blogging Platforms to Make Money (Paid and Free)

7 minutes Do you want to start your blog, but are unsure of which blogging platform is the best for you? Certainly, the best blogging platform will depend on which is your main blogging goal. Are you looking to start a blog to make money? Or just for a hobby? As a beginner is very easy to get confused with so many options available, besides choosing your blog platform you have tons of other stuff to worry like choosing your domain name, best hosting, Continue

How much Money do Bloggers Make? A lot More Than you Can Imagine!

7 minutes Making money with a blog… is a new concept that is hard to explain to your family and friends. But the worst and most frustrating part is when they ask you when you’ll quit from this “hobby” and find a “real” job, even if you are making thousands of dollars per month. I’m sure that most regular people believe that blogging is just a hobby or passion and that is impossible to make money from it… because you have no boss, no Continue

How Much does it Cost to Start a Blog? Less than you Think!

9 minutes If you plan to start making money blogging, one of the most important questions that you should be asking yourself is how much does it cost to start a blog, right? The truth is that starting a blog is very cheap, but not sooo cheap like some people will say. You can find countless articles saying that it is possible to start a blog with $50 or less and earn thousands per month, but is it true or not? In this article, Continue

4 Top WordPress Blog Themes to Run a Profitable Blog

8 minutes So, you already purchased your domain name, chose the best hosting for your blog, installed WordPress and you think everything is done to start blogging and making money, right? Sorry, do disappoint you… there’s still one thing that you should pay attention to… Your blog design will play a big role in the success of your online adventure. In this article, I’ll explain the importance of having a good WordPress theme for your blog and will also recommend some of the best Continue

The Best Blog Hosting to Start a Profitable Blog

7 minutes So do you want to start your own blog and make money online? As you must know, the first thing you need to get your blog up and running is your domain name and a hosting service. Especially if you are a beginner, choosing the best blog hosting is not a simple task as it looks like. It can be overwhelming and complicated. Why choosing the right Blog Hosting is so important? To answer this question I’ll talk about a short story… Many Continue

9 Blog Niches to Earn over $5,000 per month online

11 minutes Starting a blog is very cheap and relatively easy if you choose a platform like WordPress and maybe the best reason to blog is the possibility to earn a lot of money working from home. And there are many other amazing reasons to start a blog but choosing the best blog niche is extremely important if you want to make blogging a real business that will eventually pay your bills. So keep reading and you’ll discover how to pick a blog niche that is Continue