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The Best Productivity Tips for Bloggers: How To Get 2x More Done

You can easily find infinite step-by-step guides that teach you how to start a blog and make money, but what many people forget is that most of the new bloggers have a full-time job that consumes 8-10 hours per day and for this reason, it’s not easy to find free time for their blogging adventure.

So, it is still possible to build a successful blog while working full time?

The untold truth is that blogging is like any other business that will require tons of hard work and dedication, so in the end, you must be forced to do things to do to be productive.

I see many people starting their blogs and giving up after just a few weeks just because they get overwhelmed with so many tasks that require to be a professional blogger.

So, yes. Still is possible to blog with a full-time job, get thousands of visitors and earn some money with your blog.

However, as someone trying to build a blog that makes money you need to find free time to:

  • Discover top ideas to write about.
  • Promote your articles and get traffic to your blog.
  • Discover new strategies to monetize your blog and make it better.
  • Design images for your blog.
  • And the list goes on.

As you can see there are countless activities that you need to do as a blogger and it will require time.

Ideally, to become a top blogger and earn fortunes, you would need to work full time, at least in the beginning.

But I know that you’ll not quit your job before starting to make at least $2,000/month or more with your blog, right?

That’s why on this blog post I will help you overcome your lack of free time and you’ll discover how to blog with a full-time job with these 9 productivity tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs:

#1. Avoid procrastination and distractions at any cost

As a blogger, you have countless pending tasks to do.

And not all tasks like writing a good blog post are easy and pleasurable and for this and other several reasons like fear of not being good enough as a blogger, your mind will start fighting against you.

What will happen in this scenario?

You’ll start procrastinating those tasks that you don’t enjoy.

This used to happen a lot in the beginning for me and still happens sometimes.

It’s 8:00 p.m. and you are tired because you worked the whole day and you have only 1 hour to invest in your blog.

As you still don’t have much experience and you believe that you are not a good writer, you tried to write a draft of 300 words, but after the second paragraph, you get stuck with a lack of ideas.

At this point you think, “I’ll give a break of 5 minutes, then later I’ll come up with great ideas to write”, and when you realized, 20 minutes have passed and instead of writing your blog post you are watching a YouTube video or wasting your time on Instagram.

And here’s a piece of SUPER important advice: building a successful blog, takes time and you need to do tons of small tasks, so it’s extremely essential that you spend as much time as possible on your blog if you really want to make money blogging.

There some individual bloggers making over $50,000/month with their blogs, now imagine if you build a blog that makes so much money, don’t you think that the sacrifice you make today for your blog will be worth tomorrow?

Killing procrastination is maybe one of the best productivity tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

But how to avoid procrastination?

Avoiding procrastination is not easy, and if you are a big procrastinator (I used to be one), basically what you’ll need to do is trying to increase your mental health and start doing the tasks you need.

There’s no other way.

But here’s a tip that works: as a blogger, you should think; “What gonna be the benefits if I start making the tasks today?”

You’ll start getting traffic, sales and thousands of dollars per month that someday will allow you to quit your soul-sucking job.

Another tip to avoid procrastination is slowly starting making the tasks you don’t like.

If you don’t like for example writing 1,000 words per day, then you can start writing a draft of only 500 words and start increasing as long as you start getting a better writer.

So always remember, the less time that you invest in your blog, the longer it will take to see the dollars in your pocket.

#2. Time Management

Here’s goes maybe, of the best productivity tips for entrepreneurs and bloggers: If your time is very limited because of your offline job (but this also applies if you blog full time), you’ll be forced to learn how to effectively manage your time.

And how you can start managing your free time better?

There are a few daily habits that are essential to change:

  • Cut or avoid useless habits that will consume your time like watching television or wasting time on Instagram or YouTube.
  • Creating healthy habits like going to bed early.
  • Making simpler decisions on your daily routine, like don’t waste time choosing your meals, what to wear, etc.

There are no secrets here, avoid personal habits that will waste your time and don’t bring any benefits to your personal life.

#3. Focus on the most important tasks

As a professional blogger, you are a one-man show and responsible for doing the tasks that need to be done if you desire to build a successful blog.

While working full time with your regular job is very easy to get frustrated with the lack of time to dedicate to your blog, it’s even more important that you focus on the important tasks.

The big problem is that if you work at multiple tasks at once, constantly your main tasks will take ages to get finished. Or even worst, you’ll start procrastinating and never concluding these tasks.

Here’s one simple, but super important productivity tip, to resolve this problem: simply get extremely organized, or… you’ll going to give up on your entrepreneurial life.

Getting organized is the only way to solve this problem.

Write a to-do list of all the most important tasks that you need to dedicate your precious and limited time. You need to prioritize them based on what is the most important ones that will make your blog successful.

As a blogger, you have countless tasks that need to be done. However here’s an important tip, there are just a couple of them that are really important to make your blog profitable:

  1. Writing content to your blog.
  2. Getting traffic.
  3. Monetizing your blog.

These three tasks above are those responsible for 90% of your success.

You must invest your focus and time in these three main tasks.

One big mistake that I did in the beginning and most new bloggers will do is spending days or even weeks on not important tasks that will not bring the dollars in your pocket.

These tasks include:

  • Getting a beautiful logo for your blog.
  • Having a “perfect” website template.
  • Designing great images for your blog.
  • Etc.

These tasks above are important, but they are not directly related to your blog’s success.

As a real-life example, I already have seen countless blogs with simple and ugly designs earning small fortunes online. And this happens because they have the three main elements on their blogs working – traffic, content and monetizing.

So always remember to focus first on these three main tasks.

#4. Say goodbye to your social life temporary

If you want to blog with a full-time job you’ll need to make some small sacrifices, and one of them is saying goodbye to your social life temporarily.

Now, many people will think that this is an extreme and unnecessary decision.

But just think for one moment, if your full-time job consumes the whole weekdays and you only have a lot of free time on Saturday and Sunday, then these are the only 2 days that you have free time.

Which of the two decisions do you prefer?

  1. Wasting your time getting out with your friends spending money just to have a temporary moment of fun that will shortly.
  2. Temporary say goodbye to your social life for the next months, invest your free time building your blog, that can create the life of your dreams that will allow you to quit your full-time job and create time and financial freedom?

With no doubt, the second option is the best one.

As you can see, you’ll make a serious sacrifice that will lead you into a much better life in the near future.

Instead of having fun just on weekends, you can spend your time doing the things you love all days of the week if you build a successful blog.

#5. Get started as soon as possible

You don’t like a lot to write or design pretty images for your blog?

Do you feel that you are not good enough at those tasks?

These thoughts can make you start procrastination and a task that usually takes 2 hours to complete, can take 2 long days.

The only way to avoid this is by starting as soon as possible.

Are you not a good writer and don’t feel comfortable working on a long article in just one day?

Then write these articles on pieces of only 300 words.

Your fears will always fight against you, the only way to overcome this problem is starting today and not by tomorrow.

#6. Take a break every 30-40 minutes

It’s proved by science that humans are influenced by a natural energy fluctuation known as the ultradian rhythm.

What is the ultradian rhythm?

It’s basically a natural process where we experience 90 minutes of high brain energy and focus, followed after this period of 30 minutes of a low battery where we get a mental overwhelm.

This explains why we feel too tired after 1 or 2 hours working in front of a computer.

It’s a natural process of the body and there is only one way to avoid it:

For every 40 – 60 minutes, you should simply take a break of 10-20 minutes. Of course, you can adjust these times, however, never get more than 60 minutes of uninterrupted work.

As a blogger or someone that works for many hours using the computer, it’s extremely important to take a break every pre-determined amount of work to avoid overwhelm by this extra activity in your life.

#7. Use productivity tools like Grammarly

I have to admit that even today, writing a 2,000 words article is not a task that I love.

Because even if you are in the comfort of your home, writing is a task that consumes a lot of mental energy.

English is not my native language, and thanks to an amazing tool called Grammarly, I can remove the stress and extra work of having to check for words written incorrectly.

Additionally, you can read this article with the best blogging tools to make your journey more comfortable.

#8. Take care of your health

It seems too obvious but if you don’t have good health, none of these productivity tips or tricks for bloggers and entrepreneurs will work.

I don’t need to repeat all those stuff that science recommends to have good health, right?

If you are overweight, you know what to do and the same If you have the habit of sleeping less than 8 hours per day, I don’t need to say that all tips and tricks here, will never work, right?

Your health is the most precious asset you own, so take it seriously

#9. Consistency

All the best productivity tips for entrepreneurs and bloggers that you can find will only work if you apply them consistently. You’ll never be successful with your blog while working full time if after a few weeks you decide to abandon these tips and your new healthy habits.

The cold reality is that the best productivity tips for work that you can imagine will only work if you make them a solid and long-term new habit because this is how life works.

It’s like trying to lose weight and going to quit your diet that was working for any reason after 2 months.

You’ll not reach your goals.

Final words

No matter your situation, if you have the whole day available to blog or if you are starting now and wondering to know how to blog while working full time, for various reasons your time will always be limited and precious.

So it’s important that you apply these productivity and improvement tips consistently and sooner or later you’ll reach your goals.

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9 Super Motivational Quotes to Make your Day Better

Does your life need some motivation?

Below you can see (and share) some beautiful pictures with amazing inspirational and motivational quotes that will help make your day, your life and even your day job better.

It always seems impossible until it is done.

When you think positive, good thing happens.

Different roads, often lead to beautiful destinations.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Your only limit is you.

Never give up! Great things take time.

The pain you feel today will be the strength you need tomorrow.

Every day brings new good choices.

Don’t stop until you’re proud.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about. Go out and get busy.

Courage is like a muscle. He strengthen it by age.

There are countless great motivational quotes that can make your day or life better.

However have in mind that your life can’t always rely on motivation, so no matter if your day is bad or going well, go ahead and keep going.

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Best Meditation and Mindfulness Apps to Improve your Life

Are you always anxious?

Do you feel that you’ll lose control of your life and get crazy?

Most of us have these negative thoughts.

It is proven by science that daily meditation is a practice that can dramatically change your life by reducing stress, anxiety, and many more benefits.

Meditation is basically a technique in which you need to relax your body and focus your attention on your breath, a calm song, or even in positive thinking or memories.

Although is a simple technique, it requires a lot of practice. But fortunately, that are countless apps for your Android or iPhone that you can download for free that will help and guide you.

You just need a good earphone and a place to put your body in a position that will be totally comfortable for the next 20-30 minutes.

Below is a list of 7 of the best meditation apps that are available for Android and iPhone:


Calm is one of the best meditation apps that you can find with many positive reviews. A positive point about Calm is that the focus is meditations and a bunch of mindful techniques.

It also has a dedicated section focused to sleep well.

Download: For Android | iOS

#2. HeadSpace

HeadSpace is one of the most popular meditation apps you can find. However, there are only 10 free meditation programs, if you want more you have to pay.

In the paid plan you have several options like meditation to relax, sleep, happiness and relaxation.

Download: For Android | iOS

#3. Insight Timer

If you are looking for meditation apps with tons of free guided meditation and mindfulness, certainly this is a great option. There’s also a paid plan with daily new meditation guides, however, in my opinion, they are not necessary.

Download: For Android | iOS

#4. Aura

Aura is an interesting app that provides daily short meditations that will last only 3 minutes. It was created by experienced meditation therapists. It is also focused on mindfulness and techniques to sleep better.

Although it’s recommended that a meditation session should last longer if you have no time it can be a great option.

Download: For Android | iOS

#5. Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think might be the perfect app if you need some motivation. You can write about how you feel today and receive recommendations tuned to how you feel.

It’s designed for meditation, mindfulness and is also focused on helping you build emotional strength and confidence to handle life’s ups and downs.

Download: For Android | iOS

#6. Ten Percent Happier

This app promise to help you sleep better, improve your relationships, become more mindful, and at least 10% happier?

Inside this app, you’ll find original guided meditations and videos that can help you boost your meditation practice.

Download: For Android | iOS

#7. The Mindfulness App

This app was created by two yoga and mindfulness professionals. So there’s no doubt it’s a great meditation app.

With The Mindfulness app, you can start your meditation practice with only 5 minutes per day and track your progress – so you can stay motivated and stick with this new habit.

It’s an app indicated for beginners, kids, and even for people that have been practicing meditation for a long time.

Download: AndroidiOS

There are countless meditation and mindfulness apps online to download for free. However most of them are not good enough, above are some of the best ones online.

I would suggest you test 2 or 3 of them and pick your favorite.

Some meditation tips

The mind is extremely complex, our emotions and feelings are difficult to control. If you practice for years you can slowly get amazing benefits like reducing anxiety, better sleep, increase mental health and the list is very long.

Below are some essential tips:

  1. Have patience, not every day you’ll feel good to meditate, just keep going.
  2. Try to practice always in the same place and in the same hour, so you’ll create a solid habit.
  3. Practice in an hour that your mind is calm.
  4. Put yourself in a comfortable position.
  5. Observe your thoughts and just keep the concentration at one point.

Now it’s time to find your favorite app and start meditating!