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5 Easy Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards

Do you want to make small purchases online for free? Well, the best way is by using free gift cards, so you can buy some items with discounts or even without having to pay for them.

Depending on the site you can get free gift cards without completing offers while other sites you need to complete surveys or offers.

Below are 5 easy ways to get free gift cards and other rewards:

#1. Mechanical Turk

If you join Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, you can get paid to complete simples tasks like checking data from websites. Your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account or it can be converted to an Amazon gift card.

#2. Sign up for MyPoints

At MyPoints you get paid for reading e-mails, completing simple tasks, watching videos, etc. You can convert your points for Amazon gift cards.

#3. Sign up for Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, if you complete some tasks and offers you can win gift cards. You also can earn points and convert them into free gift cards or you can convert your points into real money and cash out via paypal.

This is a great site because sometimes you can complete some special offers or surveys and you can earn instant gift cards like a subway gift card, a MasterCard gift card, an apple gift card, some free iTunes gift card codes, or even a McDonalds gift card.

#4. Join PTC Sites

With PTC sites you get paid by viewing ads, completing surveys and tasks. Not all programs will let you convert your earnings into gift cards, however, you can earn extra money that will help you pay for online purchases.

Depending on the PTC program you join, sometimes you can find free gift card codes or some free steam gift cards, this is great because is not easy to find this kind of gift card.

The best and most trusted PTC programs are Neobux and Ysense.

#5. Join Survey Sites

Some sites will pay you just for answering surveys. You can earn anywhere between $0,20 up to $30 per survey.

With survey sites, you can easily earn free amazon gift card codes and other great rewards.

Final Words

There are other ways to earn free gift cards however these are the methods that really work.

And just one tip, if you are searching for a gift card code generator, be careful because there’s no way that a site can create a gift card generator that really works, this is just a way to steal your personal info.