Save Money

9 Free Apps that will Help you Easily Save a lot of Money

Are you struggling to save money?

The truth is that most people know the importance to save money, but it’s very easy to get out of control of our finances and spend your monthly saves on stuff that you don’t really need, just because you found a promotion with a good discount.

Finances are like health, you know that maintaining a balanced diet and making exercises regularly is essential for better health but for several reasons you don’t give it the attention it deserves.

It’s been told for specialists the importance of saving money while you are younger for a good and comfortable retirement, for creating emergency funds, or for any other important personal goals. But for most people, saving money regularly is a big challenge.

And if you have kids or a mortgage to pay, saving even $1.00 can be impossible…

However, for the majority of people struggling to save money, I can say with absolutely no doubt that not having money on your savings account happens because of the lack of priority to save money.

It’s proved by science that humans make purchases based on their emotions and feelings, and for these reasons is very easy to see many people buying one product over another – even if they don’t need these products.

So basically people with problems to save money have the wrong mindset.

I’m in my 20’s, I’m a young person and for this reason, I don’t need to save money for my retirement.

I hope you are not this kind of person…

But there are millions of people receiving fat wages and having problems saving money. This only happens because these people are treating savings as an afterthought.

Of course, there are people with low income and in this case, saving money is a hard task.

Below in this article, I’ll present you the best money-saving apps for your Android or iOS smartphone that will help you save money on grocery stores and helping you to get on track of a good financial situation.

And if you don’t want to pay to use them, you should not worry because most of them are free money-saving apps or they’ll cost you only $1.00 per month.

#1. Trim

Trim is an app that works as a personal finance assistant that helps you save money.

How does Trim work?

Trim can help you automate your savings by cleaning up your unnecessary expenditures.

After creating your account you should link your bank account (it’s safe) and then Trim will automatically help you saving money by analyzing those expenses that are really not necessary to your life.

If you are a person that has countless subscriptions that you can’t even remember, and you are not good at controlling your finances, Trim is a must-use app for you.

#2. Acorns

If you have problems saving and investing money, then Acorns is an app that can help you.

Acorns is not free, but for a ridiculous fee of only $1.00/month, it can help you save and invest money at the same time.

For example, you can buy stuff using the Acorns platform and receive cashback from your purchases. And with the cashback that you received, you can invest those small amounts into stocks and mutual funds.

Another cool feature is that you can earn a nice bonus of $5.00 for every person that you refer to Acorns using your invite link.

#3. Stash

Stash is one of my favorites apps to save and invest money. It’s a similar app of Acorns.

Paying only $1.00 per month you get access to a platform that works like a bank where you can save money, control your finances and get recommendations about where to invest your money, even if you have only $10 or $20 on this app.

It’s a popular app with around 2 million users, so it’s very trusted and recommended by many people.

#4. Mint

Mint is a great all-in-one app service that helps you manage all your bills and money at a glance. It will also help you manage and track all your bills and expenses, making it super simple to track and organize your finances.

It will also help you easily create budgets and also plan and track your savings or financial goals. In my opinion, It’s one of my favorites apps to get better control of finances and expenses.

#5. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is another great budgeting app that allows you to easily and quickly link all your bank accounts and cards in one place and get financial analysis. It also has some interesting financial tools like investment checkups and retirement planners.

#6. Rakuten (Ebates)

Are you looking for money-saving apps for groceries?

If your answer is yes, then I recommend that you check out a famous program called Rakuten (formerly known as eBates), which will help you saving money for shopping stuff.

It works in a simple way: when you want to purchase something, just log in on this app and chose the product you are interested in, just pick the cash-back code and it’s done.

In my opinion, Rakuten is one of the best money-saving apps because there are literally tons of products with great cash-backs. The discounts will be from as low as 3-4% and up to 10-20%.

You can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year making your purchases with this great money-saving app.

#7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a money-saving app with multiple options to save and earn money. It has some features like cash-back offers if you purchase using the app, discount coupons, and many other ways to save money, earn real cash and prizes.

But you also can earn money and gift cards for completing simple tasks and answering paid surveys.

With Swagbucks, it’s also possible to earn real money by Paypal.

It’s not a money-saving app that will allow you to save small fortunes, but it’s an old and very trusted app to make a small extra income.

#8. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app for your Android or iOS phone that works in a similar way of Rakuten.

You can purchase from a few thousand in-stores and online stores and earn cashback when you shop for groceries, travel, home, clothing, and many more.

It works in a simple way: before you start shopping, you should add offers that you are interested in the Ibotta app to qualify for cashback, after that, you can make your purchases and you just need to take a photo of your receipt and earn cash backs.

After Rakuten, Ibotta is probably one of the best and most trusted money-saving apps for groceries where you can receive cashback for your online and offline purchases.


You can find dozens of money-saving apps that give you discounts for shopping or that will help you get better control of your financial life, however, what’s the point of writing an article with a hundred money-saving apps, if you’ll only install and use a couple of them?

As you probably should know, there are no apps on the Earth that will make you save fortunes if you don’t start the habit of saving money and learn how to live a frugal life.

In this article, I presented the best apps to help save money, so my recommendation is that you install and use at least two or three of them and start creating slowing the habit of saving money.