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Make Money with Amazon: How to Earn $1,000/month

For countless reasons, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online with your blog and it can be an amazing source of passive income if you know how to use it properly.

And here comes the affiliate program from one of the most popular brands of the world: Amazon.

Sometimes I think how is interesting and even funny because even a giant company like Amazon has an affiliate program.

In this step-by-step article, you’ll learn how to make money with Amazon affiliate and if it is worth or not invest your time and energy on this program.

Before talking about how to make money being an Amazon affiliate, let’s start talking about what it is and how it works.

What is the Amazon affiliate program and how it works?

Known as Amazon Associates, it is basically an affiliate program like any other. And you get paid a commission every time that you make a sale using your referral link.

To start making money as an amazon associate is basically this:

  • First step is to create your Amazon account, clicking here.
  • Pick your unique referral link and promote it.
  • Get paid commissions when you make a sale using your referral link.

If you are already a blogger using any other affiliate program, you’ll notice that the Amazon affiliate program works essentially the same way as any other affiliate program.

What kind of products can you promote and how much can you earn?

The great thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that you can promote and earn a commission on all products available on their site.

Now the bad news is the commission rates: the commission rates will vary from only 3% to 10% per sale.

Is it worth promoting Amazon affiliate products?

The answer will depend…

As a blogger, your earnings will depend a lot based on which niche you are and the strategies you are using to promote it.

On the other side, if you are going to spend ads on Google Adwords or Facebook to promote any kind of product from Amazon, you’ll simply lose time and money, because of the low commission rates.

But because of the huge variety of products you can find to promote, it can be a good source of extra income if you are a blogger. But it should be an extra income, not your main source of income as a blogger.

If you are planning to start a blog just to promote offers from Amazon Associates, it’s not recommended. As a blogger that dreams about earning a lot of money, your primary focus should be affiliate programs paying a minimum commission of 50%.

As an Amazon Associate, if you work hard and implement the right strategies you can expect to earn anywhere from $500 to $1000/month, and earning more than this will require tons of traffic.

Selling is not an easy and simple task, and because of low earnings from the Amazon program, it will be a horrible idea to invest your time and energy only using this program.

How to make money as an Amazon affiliate?

As said before, making money with Amazon Associates is the exact same process of any other affiliate program.

What are the best strategies to make money with Amazon?

Basically, there are just a couple of strategies that really work:

#Email Marketing

It’s probably the most effective strategy to make money from Amazon affiliates. Using this strategy consists of collecting emails from your website visitors and adding a link inside of your emails to promote products or offers.

However, you need high-quality traffic and most importantly it’s the content of your emails: to make sales and earn commissions you need to build a relationship with your readers providing free and valuable content first, and then, just after some time, you can promote your Amazon offers.

You can’t simply send daily emails asking your email readers to buy that amazing offer, otherwise, you’ll end frustrated with no sales and maybe your emails can get marked as spam.

#Using articles

It’s also an effective way to make sales. Basically, you need to create useful articles about your niche and in a subtle way recommend your Amazon offers using your referral link.

By using articles and email, you are doing essentially the same process that is creating trust, giving away free info and in the end recommending (aka selling) your Amazon products, because it resolves a specific problem that your audience is interested in.

Other tips to make make money as an Amazon affiliate

Besides using articles and email marketing there are a few other elements that are important and will influence your ability to make sales and earn money consistently.


The type of products that you are going to promote will make a huge impact on your earnings. It happens because not all niches have millions of people ready to buy.

Especially if you are using your blog and articles to promote Amazon products, you need to give extra attention to your niche. As an example, parenting is a great niche to sell stuff from Amazon.


The price is directly related to the audience and products that have the potential to sell on Amazon. If for any reason, your visitors think the offers are too much expensive they’ll not buy.

#The audience of your blog or visitors

Another important element to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

If your traffic (visitors) are coming from poor countries is much probably that you’ll not make sales because your users will not have the resources to purchase.

So it’s important that you get quality traffic from tier 1 countries like the Usa or UK.

Can you make money with Amazon affiliate program without a website?

Honestly, it can be possible, however, to make money with Amazon affiliate without a website will be a hard task.

Without a website, it will not be worth, because your options to get visitors to your offer (the products you are promoting using Amazon) will be very limited.

You can create a free blog or a cheap blog and start writing content slowly in your spare time.

The total costs to start a self-hosted blog is very low, so it makes no sense to avoid creating your own blog to make make money as an Amazon associate.

Final words

Making money as an Amazon affiliate works in the exact same process of promoting any other affiliate program, there’s a lot of trial and error. However, it should not be your main source of income due of low commission rates.

If you are interested, you can check this article and learn how to make money with affiliate marketing by promoting offers that pay high commission rates.

Making money from Amazon Associate can be difficult, but with no doubts, depending of your niche it can be a good extra income, but only if you create your own website and invest at least 1 hour per day creating new articles and promoting your Amazon offers.

Blogging Tips

What Exactly does a Blogger do? And how they Make Money

Everyone that is familiar with the internet and technology probably already has heard about “bloggers”.

With the rise of smartphones every day more and more people are using the internet, and the term blog and bloggers are starting to pop up a lot more lately and many people are getting curious to know more details and things like what does a blogger do?

So if you are also curious… In this article I’ll answer questions like:

What is a blog?

Why people launch blogs?

What does a blogger do?

Before talking about what does a blogger actually do, you need to know the definition of a blog.

What is a blog?

The majority of internet users know what is a site or website – a bunch of pages with texts, images, links, and an URL (the name of your site). But what is a blog and how it is different from a regular website?

As you should know there are tons of different sites online. Websites selling stuff, sites with videos (YouTube), social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, and infinitely others.

Technically there’s no difference between a blog and any other site. They are all created using website programming codes and using the same protocols like HTTP.

Basically, the only difference of a blog is that this is a type of website where content (known as blog posts) is written and published in chronological order with the purpose of educating the readers on a specific topic.

Blogs can also have different pages like landing pages (pages made to capture email leads), sales pages, etc. But the pages are the majority of the content on the blog.

This page that you are reading right now is a blog post that is a part of my site.

In a short summary, a blog is a website created to give away content for readers, but also has other purposes like making money.

Why people launch blogs?

I only see two reasons for starting a blog:

#First reason is to make money

The whole majority of new blogs that I see being created have the main purpose of making money online. was created with this main purpose in mind.

With this blog I was able to:

  • Start making over $5,000 per month.
  • Quit my full-time job (honestly I hated it).
  • Create my own schedules for work.

Make money blogging is not a simple and easy task. It’s true that a blog can give you time and financial freedom.

But you must work hard and follow some solid strategies to succeed. If you are interested in making money blog, then I recommend that you read this post about how to start a successful blog.

#The second reason to start a blog is just for fun

The only other reason I see to create a blog is for fun. If making money blogging is not your main goal, much probably if you decide to start a blog the only other reason possible is to have a hobby.

Creating a blog to make money takes tons of work and you must learn many new skills to succeed. But if you want to create a blog just for fun or to share your opinions with the world, the amount of work involved is much smaller.

If you want to start a blog for fun you can just pick a free platform and start publishing your first post in 30 minutes or less.

What does a professional blogger do?

As I said, creating a blog to make money requires hard work and there’s a lot of different tasks involved.

If you want to start a blog for fun, basically the only thing you must do is to write and publish content. But the same doesn’t apply for a professional blogger that has blogging as their main source of income.

Basically, as a professional blogger, there are three main tasks involved:

  1. Write content.
  2. Get traffic to your blog (readers).
  3. Earn money by selling products or services.

Yes, three MAIN tasks, but… inside these three tasks, there are countless other tasks involved.

  • Research and Development.
  • Marketing your blog posts.
  • Customer service.
  • Taking care of the sales funnels and monetization
  • Etc.

And inside these sub-tasks, there are several different other types of working involved like designing pictures to your blog posts or images to your sales page, etc.

However, I’ll talk about only the three main tasks below.

#Write content (or blog posts)

This is the primary and most essential part of blogging.

Your blog content has the primary purpose to provide valuable information to your users, educate them to build trust and for the last recommend products and services to them (how professional bloggers make money).

Posting new content frequently is the core of this business model, the more content you publish faster will be your blog growth.

As a professional blogger, you must write useful content to attract visitors (I’ll explain below), so if you dream of being a blogger that makes money, you must love to write.

Fortunately, there are many blogging tools that will help bloggers getting content ideas and support for blogging.

#Market their posts

After writing useful articles consistently, getting traffic to your blog (visitors to read your posts) is the second most important factor that separates failed bloggers and blogs that make money.

While your blog posts are the core of this business. I consider traffic, the oxygen of your blog, if you don’t get traffic to your blog it will “die” (not make money).

There are several ways to market your blog posts. But generally, most bloggers are getting traffic from search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest.

#Monetization (selling products or services)

The most exciting part of being a professional blogger is making money. Basically, there are only three real ways to make money as a blogger:

  1. Displaying banner ads from companies like Google Adsense.
  2. Promoting other people’s products and earning a commission (affiliate marketing).
  3. Selling your own products or services.

Monetizing a blog with banner ads it’s the easiest way to make money with a blog, but it’s the method that will offer the worst reward. Making $1,000 per month with ads it’s difficult and requires tons of traffic.

On the other hand, selling your own products or promoting other people’s products is the method that will give you higher earnings. However selling is not easy, and you’ll need to test what kind of products converts well on your audience until you start making money.

And what kind of products do bloggers sell?

They could be physical or digital products. But most bloggers are selling digital products.

Digital products (aka informational products) usually are softwares, ebooks, or online courses.

Selling physical products can be riskier because you generally have to manage inventory, packing, return, chargebacks, etc. And this is the main reason why most bloggers are promoting digital products.

While with informational products you still have some risks like refunds, at least you don’t have the headache of managing, packing, and inventory. And the best benefit is that you have a very high profit margin, making digital products the best thing to sell online as a blogger.

Blogging can be a highly profitable business if you can drive tons of traffic and monetize the right way by promoting digital products.

What else does a professional blogger do?

As a personal blogger, you are a one-man show and your tasks will vary from day-to-day but as said previously, they generally involve these three main tasks.

Below are some other important tasks that a blogger will do:

Content Production

  • Writing high valuable blog posts.
  • Writing emails to your readers.
  • Creating your own products and services.

Research and Development

  • Finding new topics to write.
  • Reading articles to learn new strategies for your blog (monetization, traffic).

Marketing your products and articles

  • Investing time and resources to promote your products and blog posts in an efficient way..

Finance of your blog

  • Keeping track of your blog spending and earnings

There are countless other tasks that a personal blogger does, however after reading this article you can have a better idea of what exactly does a blogger do.

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing: Ultimate Guide to Earn +$10,000/month

Did you start your blog and want to make money?

Without a doubt, affiliate marketing is by far the best way to make money for beginner bloggers.

If you master affiliate marketing, it can be an amazing source of income for months and even years. It’s the dream of making money while you sleep.

In this article, you’ll discover exactly what is affiliate marketing, how it works, and of course how to earn thousands per month as an affiliate.

What is affiliate marketing?

Basically, affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission, just for promoting other people’s products or services.

The amount of money that you’ll make is pre-determined by the product owner. But usually, you can expect to earn anywhere from 15% to 75% depending of the kind of affiliate offer you are going to sell.

Physical products usually have lower affiliate earnings, while services and digital products (like courses or digital programs) will have a higher commission.

As you can note, some affiliate programs can offer very high earnings for their affiliates.

Why affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money with your blog?

Essentially there are only 2 ways to make money with your blog:

#1. Using advertisement platforms like Google Adsense

It’s the easiest way to make money with your blog.

You just need to join an advertisement platform, copy some lines of code into your blog, and every time that one of your readers makes clicks you’ll earn somewhere from 10 cents to $1.

It’s very easy to set up and it’s 100% passive, you can earn money while you sleep with absolutely no extra work needed.

The problem with these ads?

The low low risk and work involved come with the lowest reward. And you’ll need tons of traffic to make a good amount of money.

Imagine that your blog receives 10,000 visitors per month and the average click-through ratio is around 1%. At this rate, you’ll get 100 clicks making $100 considering that you’ll get $1 per click.

The earnings are not going to be worth the time you’ll need to invest to write articles and get traffic.

#2. Selling products and services

On the other side creating and selling your own products and services is the most profitable way to make money for beginners. Instead of wasting time to get cents, you’ll be investing time to get $50 to $100 per sale or even more.

You don’t need to be smart to understand that by making just 1 or 2 sales per day, you can earn countless times more than by publishing ugly ads on your site and hoping that people will click on it.

But like everything in life, higher earnings come with higher risks.

Creating your own products or services is expensive, takes a long time and you still have the risk of creating a product that your audience will not like and will not buy from you.

And here is when the affiliate marketing model comes.

With this model, you have the benefits of having your own product without the risks of investing time and money to create a product that doesn’t sell.

By promoting affiliate products you have all these benefits:

  • No worries about shipping and customer support.
  • No need to deal with refunds and chargebacks.
  • You can test which affiliate product sells better.
  • Can work on auto-pilot.

The only downside is that your earnings will be a bit lower compared of having your own products and services.

As a new blogger (and even for experts) with no doubts is a better and smart decision to get started with affiliate marketing instead of creating your own products and services.

I know many bloggers making over $10,000 per month just promoting affiliate products and services.

How to start making money with affiliate marketing?

Getting started with affiliate marketing is relatively easy.

In the first step, you need to join good and reliable affiliate networks.

There are literally tons of affiliate programs online.

Even some of those huge companies have affiliate programs.

For example, you can join Amazon Associates and start making up to 10% commissions. Or you can make a deep search and find individual programs or services and promote them.

For example, one of my favorite programs that I use and promote is Aweber, this a popular email marketing service that pays a good 30% lifetime commission for all customers that join their service.

However, if you don’t want to spend time looking for individual affiliate programs you can simply join an affiliate network.

The best affiliate networks for bloggers

If you spend some time on search engines you can find several affiliate marketing companies, however, just a few of them are good and reliable. Below are some of the most popular affiliate networks.

As I said, there are many other affiliate networks, but if you are starting now, it’s better to focus on only these above. If you register on these platforms there are hundreds of products to promote in any niche that you can imagine.

The best way to promote affiliate programs and earn over $1,000/month

Here’s the most exciting and important step to make money with affiliate marketing. After that, you chose the affiliate offers you want to promote is the part to apply the best strategies to generate sales.

However, there are a couple of super important golden rules to follow in affiliate marketing or if you want to sell something online:

  1. Maybe the most important factor to sell a product is trust, nobody will buy what you have to offer if they don’t trust you!
  2. Besides trust, you must prove to your readers why they should buy from you. What you are promoting is worth and valuable to them?
  3. You need to create interest in your readers. If for some reason they are not interested in what you are selling they will never buy from you. No matter if you have the best product in the world.

Basically, to sell a lot and be successful you need to create interest and make your readers trust in you. And these principles apply not just to affiliate marketing, but almost to everything that you have the intent of selling online or offline.

Below are the best strategies that successful bloggers are doing and work very well if you know what you are doing:

#Using articles to promote your affiliate product

This is relatively easy to implement if your site has good traffic.

Basically, it works in this way: if you have a page that talks about a determined product or service that solves a specific problem then you can add affiliate links promoting this product.

But here’s the point, you CAN’T simply write a short article saying “buy this product because it’s a super deal that will resolve all problems in your life”.

You need to write an HONEST article that points to the benefits and disadvantages (in a soft way), explaining exactly how this product will solve that specific problem.

You can’t write this kind of article in an aggressive way with exaggerated promises because this will take the opposite effect creating distrust.

#Using email marketing to generate sales

Do you dream about getting rich with your blog?

Email marketing is by far the most profitable way to generate tons of sales.

As I said before to generate tons and tons of sales you need to build trust and interest from your audience. By sending frequent emails to your audience you can:

  • Send emails that trigger curiosity.
  • Explain who you are and why they should purchase from you.
  • Send emails providing valuable info that build trust and authority.

That’s why you can see many bloggers saying that the money is on the list.

If you know how to use email marketing properly, it can be a goldmine to promote your affiliate offers. Even if you are a new blogger with a small email list you can start generating passive income.

What kind of email you should write to generate sales?

Of course, is not so easy to generate sales and money, email marketing can be very powerful but only if you know how to use it effectively.

There are basically 2 types of emails that you must work hard and focus your energies on:

  1. Purely informational emails: As the name suggests, this type of email is created just to give away free and valuable information to your users. Informational emails are great to build trust and authority.
  2. Hybrid emails: this is my favorite type of email and it’s the type that I’m sending to my email subscribers. Essentially hybrid emails are a combination of informational emails that have the intention of educating your readers with information at the same time that will recommend (aka sell) your products or affiliate offers.

Remember that before trying to sell anything you must build trust, curiosity, and finally a solid interest from your users. If you don’t build these elements you’ll never make sales and commissions.

Other very important tips make sales with Affiliate Marketing

Making 4 or 5 figures per month with affiliate marketing is not easy, but at the same time is not so complicated.

Essentially to earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing you need to master your ability to sell.

And how to improve your abilities to sell online?

By testing and testing. But if you follow these 5 tips below you can dramatically increase your chances of making sales and commissions online.

#1. Email marketing is your top #1 tool to generate sales

There’s a valid and solid reason for every successful blogger using email marketing.

If you are promoting your affiliate offers on your fan page from Facebook, at anytime Facebook can change their algorithm or rules and your fan page reach can dramatically reduce (already happened several times) or even worse for any reason they can close your page.

But your email list is an asset that you own and nobody can take it from you.

Although the average open rate using email is very low nowadays, you still can make tons of sales with affiliate marketing.

Below are some useful tips when using email marketing:

Focus your energy creating very long email sequences

I see many people using email marketing with a short sequence of only 10 or 20 emails. And this is a big mistake because 99% of your email readers will not buy from you after reading your first emails.

Repetition is the key here, and you also can’t generate sales if you are sending one email per week only.

For example, my main email list sequence is made of over 100 emails that are sent in an interval of only 2 days. It will guarantee that people are always getting entertained with my informational emails and later with my offers.

#2. Your niche matters a lot

Not all niches are profitable with millions of people prepared to spend money. For example in the health and fitness niche, people are used to paying low prices.

So if you found an affiliate product where the price is $300 or more, it will be very hard to sell.

In this niche, is hard to sell anything above the $100 rate. And it applies to many other niches.

So, in this case, to make a lot of money your unique option is to increase the volume of sales. And you’ll need to calculate if the return will be worth it or not.

On the other side, there are some niches like finance or in the “make money online” niche, which is much easier selling high-priced products.

For example, if you are promoting a product that teaches how to make 4 or 5 figures online, the odds of selling for a higher price are great.

People will pay $300 for this product if they believe that it can make a return of 1000%.

The result is that choosing a profitable niche is crucial to earning money.

#3. The average cost of your offer is also very important

Along with the right niche, you must find an offer at the right price.

And why the right price is so important?

Imagine that your goal is to make $10,000 per month and if you are promoting an affiliate offer with the cost of $20 that pays you a commission of 50%, how many sales per month you need to make to achieve this goal?

Every sale will make $10 for you, so in the end, you need to generate 1,000 sales per month or 33 sales per day.

This is a huge volume that will require a lot of people to visit your sales page.

But here’s one super important trick that I learned: did you know that selling a $20 product has the same level of difficulty that selling a $90 product?

Some studies are demonstrating that selling a $20 product or $100 has almost the same difficulty level.

So, here’s the point, if you chose an affiliate product that costs around $100 instead of $20, it can be 5x easier to make $10,000 per month.

The cold truth is that bloggers making 5 figures per month are using affiliate marketing to sell higher-priced affiliate products. It’s very common to see bloggers doing well and making fortunes promoting $200 to $900 products.

#4. Remember that you don’t own the affiliate offer

As said previously fewer risks, comes with fewer rewards.

Because you don’t own the product, you can’t control the price. If you think that the program you are promoting could still sell a lot increasing the price, sorry but you’ll have to be satisfied with the actual earnings.

If the product is good but the sales page sucks, again there’s nothing you can do.

And the same applies if you find an amazing offer to promote but the commission is low or if the product owner simply decided overnight to lower their affiliate’s commissions.

That’s the natural risk when you don’t own the product.

#5. Use a Plugin to Disguise and Track your Links

Most of your affiliate links will look something like this:


As you can see this is an ugly URL. When the link gets visible, people can believe that this is a suspicious link.

You can easily resolve this problem using a WordPress plugin called PrettyLink, with this plugin enabled you can create pretty links and “hide” that ugly affiliate links.

You can turn the ugly link above to something like “”

PrettlyLink also provides useful data to track your links. So you can discover how many clicks you are receiving from your affiliate offers and how well you are converting.


A lot more goes into affiliate marketing and it includes:

  • Learning who your target customer is and what they are effectively interested in.
  • Choosing the right product to promote to your audience.
  • Getting high-quality traffic (visitors) to your site.
  • Learning how to write interesting emails that makes your readers interested in buying what you have to offer.
  • Learning how to use the best tools for affiliate marketing.
  • Etc.

As you can see there are several skills that you must learn if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, but learning an effective strategy to make sales using affiliate programs is totally worth your time and investment.

Blogging Tips

Top 3 Blogging Platforms to Make Money (Paid and Free)

Do you want to start your blog, but are unsure of which blogging platform is the best for you?

Certainly, the best blogging platform will depend on which is your main blogging goal.

Are you looking to start a blog to make money?

Or just for a hobby?

As a beginner is very easy to get confused with so many options available, besides choosing your blog platform you have tons of other stuff to worry like choosing your domain name, best hosting, which theme, best tools, etc.

But before talking about what is the best blogging platform for your case, I want to explain what is a blog platform and the importance of choosing the best one for your business.

What is a platform for blogging or a website?

A blog platform is essentially the software you are going to use to create and publish your pages and articles.

You can think of it as the “bones” of your site or blog.

Everything that you’ll do on your blog, you’ll use your platform.

Do you’ll need to edit or publish a new blog post?

Or do you need to change the layout or design of your blog?

Then you’ll need to access and use your blogging platform to perform these actions.

A blogging platform is made of thousands and thousands of written line codes that work together to build the whole appearance and structure of your blog.

If you wanted to build a website or blog from zero, you must manually write every single line of coding.

In the 90s there were no blogging platforms, so if you wanted to build your own blog, you would need to manually create your blog writing every line of coding, and if you weren’t a professional web programmer, it was almost impossible to build a beautiful blog.

But thanks to many platforms available now, even if you don’t know how to write a single line of web coding, you can create pretty blogs that make money.

The importance of choosing the right blogging platform

Choosing the right blog platform is one of the most important tasks if you want to succeed online.

Below are some very important features that you must pay attention to when choosing the right platform for you:

  • Frequency of updates.
  • The number of plugins and themes available.
  • Number of customizations possible.
  • How many coders are updating the platforms.
  • How secure it is against hacks attempts
  • And many more.

As you can see there are many things that you must look at when choosing a blog platform.

What are the best blogging platforms?

Below I’m going to cover 3 of the best blogging platforms for self-hosted blogs plus another 2 free blogging platforms.


Do you want to start a blog to make money?

If the answer is yes, then don’t think twice, WordPress is the best platform to make money. And there are countless reasons to recommend WordPress.

First, because there are literally thousands and thousands of plugins and themes to customize your blog in any way that you can imagine.

The second reason to use WordPress is that it’s by far the most popular platform in the world.

There are thousands of coders improving WordPress every day. So it’s a very customizable platform and at the same time is super safe.

If you always use an updated version of WordPress and avoid shady plugins you have no worries about being hacked.

All other blogging platforms that you can find online (and that I’ll talk about below) are not widely used, so they have fewer plugins, themes, and any type of customizations.

You can use two versions of WordPress: (free) and (paid).

The free version comes with many limitations and is only recommended if you want to host a blog for fun.

For a serious blogger that wants to make money or build any type of business, it’s totally recommended the self-hosted version. (


  • Tons of plugins and themes available.
  • Relatively easy and simple to use.
  • Many customizations and features for bloggers and website owners.
  • It’s compatible with barely any third-party software that you can imagine.


  • You are the person responsible for security and backups.

And for all these reasons above, WordPress is my #1 recommendation for people wanting to start a blog or run an online business. Honestly, I’ll talk about other options (in case you are curious), but don’t waste your time looking for a better blog platform than WordPress.


In case for any reason you want to look for another blogging platform, Wix is the second-best option.

Wix is famous for its drag-and-drop software which makes it incredibly easy to use.

They offer a free and paid version. The free version is more limited than the free WordPress version and is only recommended for people blogging for fun.

If you want to make money online, with no doubt you must go to the paid version.


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop builder software.
  • It’s very easy and fast to learn.


  • The free version is extremely limited.
  • Even on paid plans, there are a limited number of plugins, themes, and features.
  • Fewer integrations available when compared to WordPress.

Price: it starts at $11/per month but the price increases depending of your plan and features.

Wix is easier to use compared to WordPress, but on the other side is much more limited. It’s only suitable if you want to run a good-looking site and don’t need extra customization and plugins.


Squarespace has become very popular and I bet that you have seen some advertisements from them.

Similar to Wix, they also have a drag and drop builder software also making it easy for newbies and people that don’t want to spend time learning how to use a platform.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Great for simple and small businesses that don’t need many features and unique designs.


  • Few features, themes, and customizations.
  • Plans are more expensive if you want to add extra features.

Price: Starts at $12/month.

Best Free Blogging Platforms

The free blogging platforms below will have all the same limited features, themes, plugins, and customizations that all other free blogging sites have, but if you start a blog for fun, these are the recommended ones:


Blogger is the most popular free blogging platform and it’s owned by Google. You’ll get all the limitations found on other free platforms, but at least it is owned by a trusted company and it’s the only one that you can install Google Adsense and earn some revenue from ads.

You also get Google Analytics, so you can track some stats of your site.

However, if you decide to host your site on Blogger, have in mind that you’ll not have options to customize your site and the worst part is that your domain name will look something like “”.


Do you want a free blogging platform, just to write and share your opinions with the world? If so Medium is a great option to you.

While Medium is a great place to write and share your thoughts, is a completely different platform, because it’s basically a simple place to write, it means that you can’t change your page design or add advertisements to generate revenue.

If you want a super simple and easy place to write, Medium can be one of the best blogging platforms for writers.


Do you want to start a professional blog to make money?

If the answer is yes, then you must absolutely use the WordPress platform combined with a good paid hosting like BlueHost.

You just want a basic blog platform that looks professional and easy to use?

Then maybe, Wix or Squarespace can be a good option if you can afford to pay. Otherwise, a free platform like blogger or Medium can be a good option, especially for writers that don’t plan to make money.

Blogging Tips

How much Money do Bloggers Make? A lot More Than you Can Imagine!

Making money with a blog… is a new concept that is hard to explain to your family and friends.

But the worst and most frustrating part is when they ask you when you’ll quit from this “hobby” and find a “real” job, even if you are making thousands of dollars per month.

I’m sure that most regular people believe that blogging is just a hobby or passion and that is impossible to make money from it… because you have no boss, no fixed schedule and you spend all your day in front of the computer writing.

This kind of people can’t understand that bloggers:

  • Can set their own hours and work from wherever they want.
  • Bloggers are their own boss.
  • We run a digital business so the way we generate revenue is by selling products and services and not trading hours for money;
  • Etc, etc.

Despite this frustrating fact about how regular people see bloggers, it’s totally possible to earn a lot of money blogging. And if you keep reading this article, you’ll discover exactly how much money do bloggers make.

So how much money is it possible to make blogging?

If you plan to start your own blog, quit your job, and live from blogging, this will be the question that you’ll knock your head to discover the answer.

And the answer is that it will vary depending of:

  • Your niche.
  • How long have you been blogging.
  • How much traffic (visitors) you are getting.
  • The way you’ll monetize your blog.
  • And countless other factors.

But here’s a glimpse of what is possible:

  • Some very new blogs can make anywhere from a fat zero to $1,000 per month.
  • Some others can make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000+ per month.
  • And the top bloggers run by professionals can make anywhere from $20,000 to over $200,000 per month.

Yep, it’s not a mistake, top bloggers run by one single person (and maybe one or two Virtual Assistants) can make over $100,000 per month.

I know that it seems impossible, but I know personally several top bloggers making this huge amount of money from their blogs.

Here are some example of super successful and profitable blogs:

  • MakingSenseofCents: It’s a blog about personal finance, and blogging tips. The owner, Michelle is making over $100,000/month.
  • SmartPassiveIncome: Pat Flynn also makes over $100,000/month mainly promoting affiliate products and services.
  • SurvivalLife: This is a huge blog about survival, making over 1 million dollars per month.
  • Avocadu: A blog about health and fitness, Lauren makes around $50,000/month selling her guides and promoting affiliate offers.

As you can see these are big numbers and a dream for 99% of us.

How much do bloggers make per post?

This is a question asked a lot and I’ll direct to the point: Not all posts will bring money to your pocket.

Generally, the combination of all your posts will bring you revenue.

For most blogs, posts are just a form to attract traffic from SEO or social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest. But this is not the only purpose of posts.

Different types of posts can have different goals: for example, you can pre-sell a product or service using a specific type of post, you can write a post just to increase trust on your site, or maybe to collect email leads from your readers.

So, in the end, it’s completely not important to focus on how much do bloggers get paid per post, because it’s not a safe or useful metric to worry about.

But how much money do a new blogger can make?

Now, you know that old and professional bloggers can earn a small fortune with their blogs. But this is a pretty vague question if we try to estimate how much exactly a new blog can make.

There are many variables that will have an effect on how much money you’ll earn. But here’s an approximate answer:

  • The majority of bloggers – around 70% of them will earn $100 or less per month.
  • The rest will make around $1,000 per month.
  • And a minority of new bloggers, like 1-2% will make thousands.

Unfortunately, the majority of new bloggers will not make any real money.

Why it’s so hard for beginner bloggers to make money?

The reality is that blogging is not a get-rich-fast scheme, instead, it’s like any other business. And real business requires tons of dedication to succeed, otherwise, your competitors that are online for years will always win.

And as a new blogger, you’ll need to learn:

  • How to write useful articles that your readers will want to invest time to check.
  • How to get tons of visitors to your blog.
  • How to monetize your traffic, aka how to make money with your blog.
  • How to design images.
  • Tons of other small activities.

As you can see, becoming a successful blogger is not a simple task. There are several things you must master if you plan to make tons of money blogging. And here’s come the big problem…

Blogging is overwhelming, especially for those that are starting now.

There are so many tasks that you must learn and for this reason, most “wanna-be bloggers” will simply quit before they see some success.

So here’s the answer to why most beginner bloggers don’t make any real money: they quit so easily.

And maybe the worst part, many will quit when they are near of finding some success with their blogs. Below are another few reasons why most bloggers will fail:

  • Expecting tons of results with small investment: do you plan to earn $10,000 per month after only 3 months of blogging? And without any big investment on your part?
  • Not taking action: it’s impossible to make money blogging if you invest only 2 hours per week on your blog. Blogging is like any other real business and you don’t see people getting millionaires with their business working only a few hours per day.
  • Not having a solid plan: do you write about anything that comes into your head? You don’t want to learn about SEO or about how to write better? If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, don’t expect to make a monetary return.

It’s very common for people to follow all these 3 mistakes. And as soon as you fix it, faster you’ll start making money.

So it’s impossible for a new blog to succeed and make money?

If you read this post until this point, maybe you got a little disappointed and maybe you want to give up of being a professional blogger. But the truth is that the internet is a huge place and every day there are new people looking for new information.

And if you are willing to work hard, if you have patience and persistence the odds to succeed can be very high.

I already noticed several bloggers that had no previous knowledge and experience about blogging, becoming extremely successful after only 1 or 2 years.

The point is to never give up.

Like anything else in your life, the only and real “secret” is to never give up, and there will be always a chance to succeed, sooner or later you can get there.

Here’s how to Easily Succeed

The first obvious step is to start your blog if you still haven’t. And the second step is to take action!

In these last decades, our society turned us into people that can’t admit failure and that we must first learn everything is possible just to take action when we feel 100% prepared.

So think less and act more!

Want to know extra tips to make money with your blog? So act now, start your blog and follow the advices below:

Blogging Tips

How Much does it Cost to Start a Blog? Less than you Think!

If you plan to start making money blogging, one of the most important questions that you should be asking yourself is how much does it cost to start a blog, right?

The truth is that starting a blog is very cheap, but not sooo cheap like some people will say.

You can find countless articles saying that it is possible to start a blog with $50 or less and earn thousands per month, but is it true or not?

In this article, I’ll explain the real and exact costs of running a successful blog and the most essential blogging tools that you’ll need, and how much they will cost.

But before writing about the total costs of starting a blog, it’s also important to say that if you think that you can start a successful blog completely for free, you must change that mindset.

Many newbies think that if they can start blogging for free why the hell would pay money every month for hosting?

But this is by far, the biggest stupid mistake can you can do if you are starting a blog to make money.

And why it is a stupid mistake?

While you can start a blog 100% free using a platform like Wix or Blogspot, there are countless reasons why it’s totally not recommended.

Remember this phrase that applies to the economic theory and everything on life:

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

The same thing applies to blogging if you want to start an online business for free. Below are just a few reasons to avoid free blog hosting:

  1. You don’t own your blog on free hosting: for several reasons you can have your blog closed at any time by Blogspot or Wix (if you choose them).
  2. You don’t get a real domain name: your domain name, it’s essentially the name of your site, for example, If you choose Blogspot to host your blog, the name will be something like “”.
  3. It’s hard to monetize: Do you want to collect email leads to promote your product or service? Sorry, but it will be very difficult because you can’t install plugins and extra tools.

There are countless other big reasons why you should stay away from these crappy free hosting.

Treat it like a real business

If you want to be a professional blogger that makes thousands per month, you should treat it like a real business. And business will require some money invested.

The point is that like any other business you’ll need to spend money and only after a determined period you’ll recover what you invested and will start making profits.

And you CANNOT have the wrong mindset of “I’ll invest money on my blog only when I start making money”. If there’s a tool that will help your blog in any way, you should invest in it as soon as possible.

But the good news is that if you work hard and don’t quit early, the odds to make money with your blog are big.

The total costs to start a successful and profitable blog in the first months

OK, now you know what you should run away from free hosting platforms and you know that to make money with your blog, you must treat it like a real business and not a hobby.

And finally, I’ll answer how much does it cost to start a blog and the blogging tools that are 100% necessary to make money blogging in the first months. Below are the 100% essential investments to make your blog successful and profitable:

Domain Name

Your domain is the most basic and initial thing. You’ll need to create a beautiful and easy domain name. And remember you CAN’T change your domain name after you chose one.

So it’s important to choose a pretty and easy-to-remember domain name.

The domain name is the cheapest investment you’ll need. The most recommender domain providers are NameCheap and Dynadot.

Average cost: $12 per year.

Blog Hosting

This is the second and one of the most important investments you’ll need.

You’ll need to pay for the company to host your blog. A trusted and reliable hosting company will take care of all that ultra-complicated technical stuff of putting and keeping your site or blog online.

If you don’t know, it’s necessary a computer (aka server) working 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, with an operating system and many other countless softwares to run your blog. And smart people to make it work.

That’s why there’s a monthly cost. Because it’s not so simple as you can imagine.

You should always choose a hosting service that has great customer support, fast servers, and reliable service. And please avoid those crappy $0.99 per month hosting companies. Because those services are run by kids or not trusted people.

The only catch with BlueHost is that to get the $4.95/month plan, you need to pay for 12 months upfront. But this is one of the cheapest prices for reliable hosting.

As you can see the real cost to host a blog is very low and everyone can afford it.

Average cost: $60 for one year.

Premium Blog Theme

There’s an old phrase saying to don’t judge a book by its cover.

Sorry to disappoint you, but in this case the first thing that your potential users will see and judge it’s the design and layout of your blog.

So there’s no option, just getting a decent and pretty design for your blog.

And how do you get a beautiful design?

With your Blog theme. A blog theme is the “software” that allows you to customize the whole design of your blog, including changing layouts, fonts sizes, and colors, columns sizes and positions, sidebar, etc.

Also, a good and beginner-friendly theme that is highly customizable will save you time and headaches to design your blog the way you want.

My #1 recommended blog theme for beginners is Divi.

Divi is one of the most customizable and easy-to-use Premium themes on the market.

The only downside is the price of $89 per year. If you don’t want to pay for a premium blog theme for the first months it’s fine. But as soon as you can afford it, I recommend that you pick a good paid blog theme.

Average cost: $90 per year.

Email Marketing Service

Without a doubt, this is by far the most important tool to make money with your blog.

Do you dream of making thousands of dollars promoting affiliate products or other services or products?

Then you can’t live without your email list.

And while there are good free email marketing options like MailChimp, it is only free until you reach 1,000 subscribers. It’s has also limited features, for example, you can’t build an automated email series to send to your readers with the free version.

My #1 recommendation for a reliable and cheap email marketing service is Aweber.

Aweber cost is $19/month, but if you join using this link, the first month is free.

Average cost: $19/month (first month free).

Email List Generation Tool

This is optional but highly recommended.

An email list generation plugin is very important to collect email info from your readers.

Many Premium blog themes already come with opt-in forms to collect email from your visitors, but a plugin that gives you countless options and analytics tools is very important.

My #1 recommendation is ThriveLeads.

With ThriveLeads you have dozens of opt-in form templates and many great customizations. You also get A/B tests, so you can test and discover which opt-in forms are converting better.

Average cost: $67

Seo Tools

Traffic is the oxygen of your blog. If you don’t get people visiting your blog is impossible to make sales, get clicks, and money.

Basically, as a blogger you only have 2 options to get traffic:

  1. From search engines: From sites like Google or Bing.
  2. Social media sites: From sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

SEO drives the majority of traffic for most of the blogs, however, getting traffic from search engines is not a simple task. You have to search for easy-to-rank keywords and much other technical stuff.

In the end, you are forced to use a good SEO tool.

Fortunately, there are good options both free and paid.

I use a lot and recommend Ubbersuggest from Neil Patel.

Ubbersuggest is a very complete SEO tool, you can find tons of analytics from your competitors, the best keywords to rank, etc, etc.

And the best thing is that Ubbersugges has a free plan.

Average cost: $0 if you use the free plan.

Other Expected Costs

There are other obvious costs involved to start a profitable blog, that other people don’t talk a lot about, but are important to talk here:

  • Good laptop or computer: while you can do a lot of things on your smartphone, many small but important tasks will require a laptop or a computer with a big screen.
  • Fast internet: you must get a decent internet connection because you don’t want to get irritated when you are uploading an image or saving something and your connection goes down.
  • Time: it is priceless, so it’s SUPER important that you invest as much time as possible on your blog if you want to be successful.

Summary of the costs to start a blog

  • Blog hosting: $60
  • Premium blog theme: $50-$90
  • Email marketing: $0 the first month, then $19+/month
  • List building tool: $67
  • SEO tools: free

The total expected cost to start a blog for the first months = $200

This is the average cost to run a blog for the first months, but considering that you’ll not pay for courses and will only use free SEO tools. For the subsequent months, your costs will be $19+/month for Aweber (email marketing software) and hosting.

As you can see the real cost to make a blog is a bit higher than some bloggers are talking about, but it’s still super cheap if you compare it to a traditional business that can cost a small fortune.

I hope that now you know the truth, you still get motivated to make a blog or website because even if you needed $1,000 to set up a blog, this is still a very low cost if you consider all the potential income.

Blogging Tips

4 Top WordPress Blog Themes to Run a Profitable Blog

So, you already purchased your domain name, chose the best hosting for your blog, installed WordPress and you think everything is done to start blogging and making money, right?

Sorry, do disappoint you… there’s still one thing that you should pay attention to…

Your blog design will play a big role in the success of your online adventure.

In this article, I’ll explain the importance of having a good WordPress theme for your blog and will also recommend some of the best blogging themes for WordPress that are available to purchase, plus some free options if you don’t want to pay for it.

But first of all, what is a Blog theme?

A theme is the “skeleton” of your blog design. It is installed inside your WordPress blog and it allows you to make countless design customizations, it’s what you see on the front end of your blog.

Themes have pre-programmed coding that will allow you to make these customizations that you need to make your blog successful and look beautiful.

These are the most common customizations:

  • Adding your logo.
  • Changing fonts.
  • Changing colors.
  • How sidebar and other elements will display.

Why you need a decent WordPress theme?

There’s a saying to not judge the book by its cover… but in the case of your blog or website, the design is absolutely the first thing that your readers will notice.

It’s not your ultra-mega useful article.

That huge 5,000 words article that you took 2 weeks to write will no perform well if you run your blog in a free and ugly WordPress theme.

Below are some tasks you need to make your blog design look beautiful, clean, and attractive from the perspective of your blog visitors:

  • Setting up columns.
  • Adding email opt-ins or newsletters.
  • Setting up columns.
  • Pretty headlines with the best size possible.
  • Menus, headers, footer, sidebar widgets.
  • A pretty combination of font colors.
  • Etc.

As you can see, there are tons of things you need to do, to have that very attractive blog layout that will please your visitors.

But the worst part is that fixing all this stuff on your own will require advanced HTML, CSS, and coding from your part. I’m a complete newbie in terms of coding and most people wanting to start their blogs are in the same situation.

Paying for a Premium WordPress theme is simply the best way to avoid bad or ugly design for your blog. Yes, there are some good and free WordPress themes that you can find there.

But even the best ones are not good enough for a successful blog. The cost of a paid WordPress theme is a unique fee of $50-70. It’s absolutely a low value compared with the benefits you’ll get with a decent WordPress theme.

Other reasons why paying for a Premium theme is worth it

As I said if you install a free WordPress theme and you have problems or just want to change some small stuff, you’ll need to know to code…

And good coders will charge you at least $20 – 50 per hour, so you’ll pay a lot of money just to fix some small issue in your blog theme.

Below other solid reasons to pay for a Premium WordPress theme:

  • Facility to change your blog layout, including sidebar positions, font, and size colors just by pressing a button.
  • Built-in features like email opt-in forms that would save you money.
  • Maybe the best reason is the lifetime support and updates from the Theme creators.
  • Countless customizations that most of the free themes don’t have.
  • They are mobile responsive, nowadays over 60% of people are browsing using the internet.
  • And many more…

Why you should avoid FREE Themes

Simply because you get what you pay for…

It seems so obvious, but why would some web developers invest many hours into a theme with many great features and distribute it for free?

Also, this is what you get when installing a Free theme:

  • Very limited functions and customizations.
  • A lot of bugs that maybe will never get fixed.
  • Non-existent support.
  • A lot of free headaches.

Maybe if you are just starting in your blogging adventure and you are really broke and don’t have $50 to buy a good theme, using a free theme could be a temporary choice.

I never saw a profitable and successful blogger using a cheap theme. You can start with a free one, but as soon as you can afford to pay for it, you must go on a Paid WordPress theme.

The 4 Best WordPress themes for bloggers

If you go on a site like you can literally find thousands of WordPress themes. And many of them can be very good and fit your needs.

But, you obviously will not try each one of them to discover the best for you.

Below is a small list of the best themes that were already tested by me. So this is a great recommendation if you are just starting your first blog now, but are unsure which WordPress blog theme to choose.

#1. Divi Theme

From my experience, Divi Theme is currently one of the most customizable and user-friendly themes for both beginners bloggers and even for more advanced bloggers that you can find to purchase online.

One of the best features of this theme in my opinion: it has a drag-and-drop editor that lets you design your blog and see how it looks in real-time. It’s a great deal if you are a person like me that doesn’t have tons of patience to test things.

You can make your home page and internal pages look pretty much exactly how you want them to, and you also have many resources to help you.

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is important in the remote case if you don’t like the features and want to try another WordPress theme.

The only downside is the higher price compared to others. You have 2 payment options: you can choose to pay a one-time fee of $249 (the best option) or an $89/year fee.

This WordPress theme is perfect for beginners bloggers who are completely new to WordPress and want to make a lot of customizations without having headaches.

#2. Avada Theme

Avada is the most popular paid WordPress theme. At this moment is has sold over 500k copies (half a million), and there’s one reason why it is selling so well.

Avada is not the typical theme with just a couple of features and customizations. It has tons of features and customizations, their creators are constantly upgrading and improving Avada.

However it’s no so intuitive and user-friendly as Divi, but a one-time fee of $60 is one of the best options that you can find for this price.


While it’s much cheaper compared to Divi, it will take more time until you learn how to use all the features of Avada.

#3. Hestia Theme (Free Option)

You already have your blog working and at least for now, don’t want to pay for a Premium WordPress theme?

Then Hestia is a good option for you.

Of course, it will not be possible to make tons of customizations and changes like on Divi or Avada. But you still can make quite a few important customizations on your homepage and internal pages.

You can change your menu, header images, columns, and other essential stuff.

If you want, they also offer a paid version if you want extra customizations and features.

#4.  Flash Theme (Free)

Created by ThemeGrill, Flash is another top free theme used and recommended by thousands of users around the world.

With Flash, you have a good number of essential features and customizations available without having to pay money from your pocket. Of course, it’s not going to be nearly in terms of functions like you can find on Avada or Divi themes.

ThemeGrill also offers a paid version of Flash, if you want to have access to more features. But if you are planning to pay, with no doubt Divi and Avada is a better option than the paid version of the Flash theme.

Summary of the best Blog themes

As I said previously you can find thousands of Paid blog themes, each one with different features that can fit different needs. But if you are a new blogger dreaming to make money online these are the best blog themes.

Here is a short overview of my recommendation of the best blogging themes for WordPress:

  • Divi – One of the most customizable themes available and easy to learn how it works.
  • Avada – Cheaper compared to Divi, but with fewer options to customize, ideal for the average blogger that doesn’t need that many features that Divi has.
  • Hestia and Flash: Great options for beginners bloggers that don’t want to invest initially in their bloggers

From my experience, these are some of the top blogging themes for WordPress you can find online, of course, you can find dozens of other good themes, but if you don’t want to waste your time searching, you’ll not regret if you choose one of these blog themes.

Blogging Tips

The Best Blog Hosting to Start a Profitable Blog

So do you want to start your own blog and make money online?

As you must know, the first thing you need to get your blog up and running is your domain name and a hosting service.

Especially if you are a beginner, choosing the best blog hosting is not a simple task as it looks like. It can be overwhelming and complicated.

Why choosing the right Blog Hosting is so important?

To answer this question I’ll talk about a short story…

Many years ago when I started my first website I was only 17 years old and had no money to pay for decent hosting.

It was my first adventure online trying to make money with a blog, so I was very excited to start writing blog posts and of course, start making money with Google Adsense (horrible idea).

The end of the story is that I practically didn’t make any money and got extremely frustrated since the first day I started with that failed blog.

First, because I had no technical knowledge about how to set up domain name servers and later because installing WordPress using an unmanaged hosting provider was a nightmare.

But the worst part was slow support… although their service was horrible, waiting almost 12 hours for an answer to a simple doubt is something very serious that will make you very angry.

Can you see why a bad Hosting Provider is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do when starting your blog?

Below are some problems that you can face if you choose a bad hosting company:

  • Slow customer service.
  • Slowness and problems accessing your site.
  • Limited Bandwidth and Site Speed.
  • Unsafety service and softwares running your site.
  • Weak hardware and structure of the services.
  • And many more issues than you can’t imagine.

Above is just a small sample of the problems you’ll have with a low-quality hosting service for your blog.

Try to imagine if the servers of your site are attacked and you get your site unavailable for hours or even days?

High-quality hosting service is relatively cheap, so there’s no sense to make the stupid mistake of purchasing that $0.99 per month service run by kids.

And Why you should avoid free Hosting

Now you know that paying for those stupid low-cost service hosting is a horrible idea. But even worse than this, is searching for a 100% free blog hosting service.

Here’s the cold truth. If you are willing to build a profitable blog or site you need to make a real investment from your pocket.

Remember that basic economic theory that is as true for blogging, business as anything else in life:

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Below are some other huge disadvantages of using a free hosting service for your blog:

  • Unwanted Ads: Nothing worst than a dozen ugly ads appearing at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom of your website.
  • Very Limited features: Very often you need to pay to use some basic and essential features like daily backups.
  • Limited Bandwidth and usage: Bandwidth is how much traffic you can receive, and if you are lucky enough to get a lot of traffic, this will be a big problem.
  • No Real domain: Instead of having a trustworthy domain name like “”, it will look like “”.
  • Virtually no customer support: You get what you pay for, good luck trying to contact customer support.
  • Essentially you don’t own your website: For countless reasons, your blog can be closed with no warning at any time.

As you can see, If you want to blog just for fun or hobby it’s fine getting free hosting.

But if you want to build a real business, paying for a decent hosting service is 100% crucial for your success.

And if you want to blog for fun, what are the options?

Below are some of the best (or less shitty) options for starting a free blog for fun.


Many new bloggers make confusion between and While the “.com” version is the free service, the “.org” is the self-hosted and most recommended version for serious bloggers.

When you want to install a blog using the WordPress platform then you must go to to download it.

The Best Hosting Sites that I recommend

Now that you know why getting free hosting is a horrible idea for a successful blog, it’s time to choose the best blog hosting platform.

But first, have in mind that you can probably find dozens of good server hosting companies that will provide good service. But below is the top 2 hosting services that I use and recommend for both newbies and for advanced bloggers:

Bluehost: This is one of the most popular and best hosting for WordPress sites that you can find online. And there are great reasons, why it’s a hosting company so famous. It’s incredibly easy and cheap to get started and their service quality is great.

For less than $50 per year, you can get access to a shared server and start your blog.

KnownHost: It’s the company that I trust to host my blogs. knowHost is a bit more expensive if you are using their shared plans (recommended for new blogs).

No matter if you decide to use BlueHost or KH, both are great choices for your blog. But if you are starting your first blog, then I would decide on BlueHost, for a few reasons:

  • Start your blog paying only $2.75/month: If you think that it’s not worth paying this small value to have a decent blog hosting service, then I don’t know what to say for you…
  • One-click WordPress installation: WordPress is simply the best platform for bloggers, and BlueHost makes it very easy to install it. Just click a few buttons and your Blog is ready to get started.
  • Great live chat: Although KnownHost also has top and reliable customer service, only BlueHost has a 24/7 live chat to answer your doubts.
  • It’s incredibly easy and simple to use: They have a simple and easy-to-use control panel to manage your domain names and blog settings.
  • You can add pre-installed add-ons and features: BlueHost makes it super easy for newbies to install features or addons for WordPress or any other platform.
  • It’s one of the best hostings with Cpanel: If you don’t know, Cpanel is the “tool” that will manage the technical part of your site.

Getting a new blog with BlueHost is Super Easy and Fast

If you decided to use BlueHost as your hosting company, there are only a few steps to get your blog started.

  1. If you have zero knowledge, you just can go on choose your plan (the cheapest), then enter your domain name and info about you and your blog. Then ask for their support team to install WordPress for you.

or if you want to follow some simple steps and install them on your own.

2. Check my step-by-step guide to start a blog and install your blog spending only 15 minutes or less.

Final Words…

BlueHost is damn cheap and makes it super simple, easy, and fast to get your Blog up and running. If you want to blog for money, it’s a stupid decision to start your business in a free hosting provider like Blogspot or Wix.

Having the best hosting service in your hands is 100% necessary to succeed in this business and for making money. Having your website down for hours or even days is not an option.

Unless that you are blogging just for fun and don’t care if your site goes down, there’s absolutely no reason to go on the free route.

Blogging Tips

9 Blog Niches to Earn over $5,000 per month online

Starting a blog is very cheap and relatively easy if you choose a platform like WordPress and maybe the best reason to blog is the possibility to earn a lot of money working from home.

And there are many other amazing reasons to start a blog but choosing the best blog niche is extremely important if you want to make blogging a real business that will eventually pay your bills.

So keep reading and you’ll discover how to pick a blog niche that is suitable for you. And some of the best blog niche examples and ideas to you get started in the right direction.

First of all, what exactly is a “Blog Niche”?

A blog niche is essentially the topic of what you’ll blog. There are countless niches that you can choose to blog about, for example, you can blog about “Finance” or about “Pets”.

Why is it so important to decide the right niche to blog?

Many “gurus” will say that to make money blogging, you just need to “follow your passion” and blog about a niche that you love and sooner or later the money will easily come into your pocket.

But sorry if I’ll disappoint you, but this is not true…

If you want to make money online with your blog, choosing the right niche is the difference between making thousands per month and making nothing, because some audiences are hard to sell or there’s not an effective way to monetize certain niches.

Below is the main reasons why you need to pick the right blog niche:

  • Some niches are profitable while others are not.
  • Some blog niches have a big audience but it’s hard or impossible to monetize.
  • Not all blog niches are easy to write content, depending on the topic, you need to be an expert with advanced knowledge.

As you can see, deciding the right blog niche is not so easy as starting a blog. Writing content that can be monetized is the big challenge you’ll face as a blogger.

What is the best blog niche to make money?

Finding the best blog niche to make money is not a simple task. There a few elements that you must find in the blog topic that you’ll choose, otherwise you’ll waste your time, money and you’ll end frustrated.

To be a successful blogger and earn money you need to find a blog niche that meets these criteria:

  • There is a big audience interested in the topic.
  • Has different ways to monetize.
  • You have some level of expertise.
  • People are interested in buying products or services to solve their problems related to the niche they are interested in.

To make money with your blog and don’t get overwhelmed after 1 month, you need to find a blog niche with these elements above.

Let’s talk about a real example, why you need to find a blog niche with high demand and people interested in buying for you:

Let’s say that you want to blog about “Astronomy”, according to Ubbersuggest there are over 100,000 monthly searches just on the USA for the term “Astronomy”.

If Astronomy is a blog niche that you enjoy and have great knowledge to share with your readers, you can think that this is a great topic to blog about.

It has many people interested and you may have amazing content to share with other people.

But it’s a topic difficult to monetize.

Just think for one minute: what could you sell for people on this audience?

Maybe binoculars or a telescope?

Certainly, you could join the Amazon affiliate system and promote the best telescope and recommend it to your readers. But the number of sales would be ridiculously low and even worst is the 5% commission you get from the Amazon affiliate system.

In a short summary, even if Astronomy is the passion of your life and if you could write hundreds of great articles, it would be almost impossible to earn a lot of money with this blog niche, simply because is a niche where there are no useful and interesting products to sell for your audience.

So what are the best Blog Niches to earn money?

Now you understand why choosing the right blog niche is crucial to make money as a blogger.

There a few blog topics that are like Golden if you have persistence and work hard. These are blog niches that even in the next 30 years will be popular and profitable.

Below is a list of 9 of the best blog niches to get started.

#1. Personal Finance

There’s a simple reason why this is one of the best and most profitable blog niches. Everybody loves money and many people have problems saving money or quit their debts.

And with no money is almost impossible to live comfortably, so basically, money and finances are a topic that 99% of the population will have some level of active interest.

Inside the personal finance niche that are many “micro-niches” that you can blog about, just some examples:

  • Budgeting and saving money.
  • How to invest in stocks.
  • How to quit the mortgage.
  • How to save money for retirement.

Some top blogs about personal finance to inspire you:

You can easily find tons of affiliate programs in the Finance topic, so it’s a topic easy to monetize.

#2. Health and Fitness

Health can be easily considered one of the most important things in our lives. Nobody wants to get sick and die young…

So for obvious reasons many people will search for information about how to lose weight, gain muscles, tips to live healthier, and so on.

Here are some topics that you can choose to blog on health and fitness:

  • Best diets to lose weight and gain muscle.
  • The best vegan diets.
  • Health tips for old people.
  • The best workout programs.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • And many more.

And some top blogs to inspire you if you think this is the best niche for you.

#3. Food and Recipes

I know it sounds stupid, but we all need to eat to remain alive, and for this unique reason Food and Recipes is a VERY popular niche with millions and millions of people with active interest.

However, the big problem is that in this niche most people are not interested in buying stuff. So trying to sell recipes will not be so easy (thanks to Google and YouTube).

But you still can attract thousands of visitors per day and monetize your blog with ads (Google Adsense). If from one side is hard to sell on the other hand even in the next centuries there will be millions of people interested in this blog niche.

Some top blogs to inspire you to start a blog about Food and Recipes:

#4. Blogging and Making Money Online

This topic is not so popular like Health and Fitness, but it’s still a topic with a huge number of people interested and the best of all – it’s not so hard to monetize because you have countless ways to earn money – for this reason I consider the best blog niche for affiliate marketing.

And the “funny” thing is that you can make money blogging about blogging. You heard correctly – you can earn a lot of money teaching people how to start and make money blogging.

The only problem is competition; there are many people in this niche, so for a brand new blog, it will require hard work to make money blogging if you chose this niche. But if you apply these blogging tips, you still have a good chance to make it happen.

Tops blogs about blogging:

#5. Travel

Everybody loves to travel and enjoy vacations in exotic and paradisiac places. This is a blog topic that is fun and even exciting to talk about.

However, you need to be a highly experienced traveler. If this is not the case it will be a difficult topic to blog about, because you can’t simply use your imagination and then start giving tips for your readers about the best Hotels, or most beautiful places to visit.

There are a couple of topics and ideas to talk about in this niche:

  • Traveling with kids.
  • Solo traveling.
  • Traveling with a low budget.
  • Best destinations.

And maybe one of the best blog niche ideas is about covering some specific destinations like Disney or the Caribbean.

There aren’t many ways to monetize this blog niche, however, you still can earn a good amount of money with Google Adsense.

Tops blogs in this niche:

#6. Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion is another very popular niche. If you choose this one you can cover a variety of topics from skincare, haircare, makeup, fashion tips, etc.

It’s a popular niche that never will die. However, you have few options to earn money if you start blogging about this niche.

Also if you want to have a popular blog that makes money, creating how-to videos and sharing them on YouTube is very essential.

If you are a beauty or fashion queen this blog niche can be a fun adventure for you.

One popular Beauty and Fashion blog:

#7. Self-Improvement

Self-Improvement is another niche that is getting more and more popular these days. Many people with some mental problems are looking for solutions on the web and this can be an opportunity for you if you are an expert in this area.

This is a broad niche that covers a variety of topics like depression, anxiety, ADHD, a positive mindset or mindset for business, and countless others.

Because it’s a very broad niche I recommend that you don’t blog for many topics and at the same time don’t focus on only a few topics that interest a very small group of people.

If you have solid experience on this topic or have a degree, this can be an excellent blog niche. You have several options to monetize a blog on this niche, you can sell ebooks, courses, 1-1 coaching, etc.

A great blog to inspire you:

#8. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a broad niche that can cover many different sub-topics. Most of these blogs are targeting anywhere from 3 to 10 topics – anything from self-confidence to home-decor and finances is some of the most common topics on these types of blogs.

The great thing about this niche is that you don’t need to have advanced knowledge in one specific area because you’ll be writing about many different topics.

Another advantage is that you can easily find ideas to write.

Lifestyle is a great niche for newbie bloggers for the reasons mentioned above.

The only problem is that you’ll be building an audience that is not mainly interested in one unique topic, so trying to sell courses or ebooks will be very difficult.

To monetize this type of blog it’s recommended a program like Google Adsense that pays you to display ads on your site.

A popular site to inspire you:

#9. Parenting

Being a parent is a serious and hard task.

For obvious reasons, parents (especially moms) are always searching on the internet for the best tips and guides to know for example which food is healthy during their growth, the best way to educate them, and many other countless pieces of advices.

And this active interest is what makes parenting blogs win.

It’s a great niche to earn money because parents are always ready to spend money on their children if you are selling good and useful stuff.

Some top blogs to get you inspired:


There are many other niches that can be profitable, I could write a huge blog niche list with countless ideas and examples however, those are the best ones from my experience.

My 2 best pieces of advices to start making money blogging is to choose a niche that you have some knowledge of and feel comfortable writing.

The second piece of advice is to think about how you’ll make money with it – promoting affiliate programs or by selling banner space on your blog (Adsense,

And have in mind that building a successful blog takes time, so it’s important to have patience and not quit in the first obstacle.

Blogging Tips

The Best Websites to Find Perfect Images for your Blog

Despite countless images available on the internet, it is not easy to find free images that are incredible and unique to use on your website or blog posts.

And with so many blogs and websites popping up every day on a particular subject, it gets harder to stand out among millions.

Soon the website with the better design, typography, usability, and the best images takes the lead.

Quality images indicate a greater concern with a design that conveys greater credibility, an essential relationship of trust between you and your visitors.

Here are 4 important reasons to use quality images on your website:

  1. To attract the attention and interest of your readers, even before they start reading your text.
  2. To hold people’s attention when reading through the content you have to offer.
  3. To strengthen or raise a point of view, argument, fact, opinion, or statement.
  4. To help keep your best posts and easily distinguishable from others.

Below is a list where you can find free images and paid ones to use on your website or blog posts.

Best places to find free images to your website

#1. PixaBay

Pixabay is maybe the best site to find free stock images for your blog or website. You can easily find the perfect image to fit in your blog posts.

#2. Pexels

After Pixabay, Pexels is my favorite place to find that perfect stock image for my blog.

#3. Creative Commons

On Creative Commons, you’ll find high-quality images from free sites like Google Images and Flickr, without worrying about assignments and licenses to use them.

#4. Stock Vault

StockPhoto has a relatively small number of images, but it offers a higher quality of images.

Best places to find paid images to your website

#5. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is my favorite place to find paid images for websites or blogs.

#6. iStockPhoto

Very similar to Shutterstock, iStockPhoto has a huge base of high-quality images.

#7. Photodune

PhotoDune offer high-quality images for only $1.

#8. Big Stock Photo

BigStockPhoto offers a one-month free trial. It’s a great alternative if you want to test their services before spending money.

Where to edit your images for your blog

Finding the perfect image is the first step. Now you need to make your images even more attractive. You can cut the image, add effects, and mainly use texts to make them better.

I selected below two great options that let you edit your images online, without having to download any paid software.


With PicMonkey you have several options to make your images better. You can cut, add effects or text in your images.


As good as PicMonkey, Pixlr is another option to edit your images.

Final Words

Content is king, but your images can have a good impact on your blog posts quality, so always remember to use high-quality images on your content.

For obvious reasons the best images are paid, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find high-quality images that are completely free.