PointsPrizes Hack: How to Easily Earn $50

Reading time: 3 minutes

PointsPrizes is another program that rewards its registered users just for completing simple tasks and offers online.

It’s a great and promising GPT (get-paid-to) that was launched in August 2016. This website has a user-friendly design and there are many available offers to earn points and cash.

If you want a complete list with sites paying you to perform simple offers, then read this article with some top-paying apps.

But is Pointsprizes legit or a scam?

Read my review below and discover the answer to this question.

You’ll also discover if there’s a genuine Pointsprizes hack and how to multiply your earnings just by using Pointsprizes coupon codes.

What exactly is PointsPrizes and how it works?

Basically is a website that rewards users for completing simple tasks and offers.

Below is listed all possible ways to earn points and rewards with PointsPrizes:

Videos Ads: it’s the easiest way to earn points. You just need to watch their videos using your mobile device (not available for desktop). You’ll get a daily maximum number of videos you can watch. It’s a super-easy way to earn points, however, you’ll not earn a lot doing this.
Daily Poll: you can earn 5 points per day simply by answering a few questions on a daily poll. However you need to provide real opinions, otherwise, you’ll not be eligible.
Offers from different companies: there are several companies providing offers for PointsPrizes. After you are logged, you’ll see offers from Wannads, Adgate, Toro, Kiwi, Adscend, and few others. Despite having different offers providers, all offers are very similar.
Using Pointsprizes coupon codes: you can discover coupons codes on Facebook, on PointsPrizes social media sites and groups, and few other hidden websites. Coupons are an easy and simple way to claim free bonus points. However be careful with sites offering a Pointsprizes coupon code hack, because they are all fakes and some of them have malicious softwares.
Referring to others: if you bring new users to PointsPrizes using your referring link, you earn a commission of 10% from all earnings of your referrals. That’s a great way to earn money and I’ll talk about this at the end of this article.

PointsPrizes is available for desktop users and for smartphones using Android or iOS. To start earning points and rewards the first step is registering your account by clicking here.

You just need to enter your email and you’ll be redirected to your PointsPrizes account where you’ll see tons of offers to complete.

How payments are made?

The minimum to request is 3,000 points which equal $20. It’s a high number compared with other similar sites.

You can request a payment via Paypal or Bitcoin. You also can exchange your points for gift cards from brands like:

  • Playstation
  • Amazon
  • Steam
  • Google Play
  • Minecraft
  • iTunes
  • Xbox
  • Netflix
  • eBay
  • And many others.

Is PointsPrizes scam or legit?

If you are reading this PointsPrizes review you should be curious to know if this site is legit or just another scam.

Since now, this site is paying with no problems or delays.

It’s a legit site with almost no complaints.

Is there a genuine Pointsprizes hack to earn more?

There are few sites offering a Pointsprizes hack generator that could possibly add unlimited points and rewards. As you should imagine, those hacks are all scams and should be avoided.

The best way to earn more is by hunting some Pointsprizes coupon codes and also by referring new users to join this site.

If you refer a lot of people you can earn up to $10 or even $20 per day