SweatCoin Hack: How to Easily Earn $50

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Are you searching for an honest Sweatcoin hack to increase your earnings?

Before telling if is possible to” hack” this app, I want to explain how this program works and how you can earn money with it.

Read my short Sweatcoin review below where you’ll discover if this program is legit and in the end, you’ll discover a simple Sweatcoin hack to multiply your earnings.

What is SweatCoin and how it works?

SweatCoin is a very interesting app promising to pay you to get fit. Sounds crazy, but this is what this program is promising.

It works in this way: first, you need to download and install it on your smartphone, it’s available for both Android and iOS.

After it’s installed you just need to pick your phone and start walking. This app will track and verify your outdoor steps using your phone’s accelerometers and GPS location.

Basically, this app rewards you for how far you’ve walked. For every 1,000 steps, you earn 0.95 SweatCoins.

You can exchange your SweatCoins for goods or services at dozens of online stores and the most interesting is that if you accumulated 20,000 SweatCoins you can exchange for an iPhone X or for a Paypal Gift Card worth $1,000.

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Unfortunately, this innovative app is available only for some countries: United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. So if you are not from these countries, you can’t download and earn money with this program.

Is SweatCoin a scam or legit?

At this moment, SweatCoin seems to be legit and paying. However, you should always search for honest SweatCoin reviews like this one to be sure this program is working fine.

Is there a SweatCoin hack or cheat to earn more?

Many people started looking for SweatCoin hacks or cheats to earn more, however, is not possible to use any cheat to easily earn SweatCoins.

However, there’s a legit hack to multiply your earnings and without having to go walk…

For every person that you refer to this program, you earn 5 SweatCoins.

It works in this way: you just need to recommend this app to someone using your referral link. If someone downloads and installs this app using your link, then you earn 5 SweatCoins.

So if you have some online skills, you can easily earn a good amount of money just by referring to others and without using any dishonest SweatCoin hack or cheats.

I also would recommend that you stay away from any SweatCoin apk hack or SweatCoin generator because they are all fake and scams.