7 Effective Tips to Get More Traffic to your Blog

Reading time: 10 minutes

Are you tired of reading countless blog posts with “magic” strategies to get tons of traffic just to end up overwhelmed and frustrated?

The truth is that almost all of these articles are about easy strategies that don’t work or hacks to get more traffic and these types of effortless strategies will never produce solid results.

It’s impossible to get tons of traffic to your blog for months or years with little effort, it’s like trying to get rich fast, you need to work hard to see results, and it takes a considerable amount of time.

Most honest bloggers will agree with me that getting tons of traffic consistently is probably the hardest task. Even monetizing your blog can be considered easier.

If you are looking for solid tips and pieces of advice that will teach you how to get more traffic to your website, then this article is for you.

I’ll give you 7 of the best tips and strategies to get more traffic to your blog and most importantly, how to get traffic in a sustainable way that will last for several years.

#1. Focus on only 1-2 Traffic Sources

This is the biggest mistake that I did initially and most new bloggers will do.

If you make a search on Google about how to get traffic to your blog, you’ll find countless places to drive traffic to your blog:

  1. Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Youtube
  6. Linkedin
  7. Pinterest
  8. Reddit
  9. Forums
  10. Q&A sites (Quora, Yahoo answers)
  11. Blog commenting
  12. Etc, etc.

You see, that are countless places where you can place a link pointing to your site and share your content.

And here comes the problem: most new bloggers will attempt to be everywhere.

They will create an account on every site and social media platform they can.

And then they’ll try to share their blog posts on every platform and wait for the traffic snowball to happen.

And here’s my precious advice if you want to learn how to get more traffic to your blog: stop trying to be everywhere and instead focus all your energy mastering ONE or TWO platforms.

And why is it not recommended trying to focus on more than one or two platforms?

The first reason is that as a blogger, your time is very limited, and second because just a few platforms are really good to drive tons of traffic consistently and are worth your precious time and energy invested.

And why not all platforms are good to get traffic?

It looks like that I’m lying for you, but from the list, you see above there are only a couple of good places that have huge potential to bring traffic to your blog.

This happens because not all these platforms are designed to get traffic on your blog.

I’ll give some examples: search engines like Google and Bing are great platforms that can generate traffic to your blog because they are designed to send people to your site.

People go on Google to look for information and Google will show to them the best sites with the info they searched for. And the same happens with Pinterest.

On the other side, we have Facebook.

What people are going to do when they use Facebook?

Usually, people are using Facebook to see what their friends have shared in the last few days, watch funny videos and this type of stuff. The majority of Facebook users are not using this platform to read your latest blog posts or find information.

Also if you already created your Facebook fan page to share your blog posts, you should be prepared with the ridiculous low reach of your posts.

If you have 1,000 followers, less than 100 of them will see what you shared. This happens because Facebook is a company and as a business, they want you to spend money on ads.

Essentially the behavior of people using the platform will make it a good or bad source of traffic for bloggers and website owners.

And below I continue explaining this and the best two platforms where you can get traffic to your blog.

#2. The Best Places to Get traffic are Pinterest and Google

For most niches, there are two main platforms that I consider the best way to get traffic to your blog.

They are search engines like Google or Bing and the other one is Pinterest.

For many people, Pinterest is just another social networking site like Instagram.

However, Pinterest is much more than this…

Why Pinterest is one of the best places to increase traffic to your blog?

Because Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine. Pinterest works in a similar way to Google: users are using it to look for information and ideas to solve their problems.

And this is what makes Pinterest so much special. Unlike Facebook, on Pinterest people are not using this platform just to see what their friends are doing and sharing, people are looking for information.

If you join Pinterest you’ll see that there is a big search bar:

You can see that after making a search using keywords, Pinterest will show you all those Pins.

And when people click on these Pins they will be redirected to your blog or website.

It’s not like Facebook where you get lost with countless ads and links, Pinterest makes it extremely easy to get people on your site or blog.

I really recommend that you start using Pinterest as your main source of traffic.

About generating traffic from Google, at least for the initial months, it should not be your main focus. The truth is that while Google can potentially drive thousands of visitors per day to your blog, getting these results takes a long time.

Google’s algorithm is very complex and it simply doesn’t reward new sites. What I recommend is that you focus on Pinterest first and only after that you got results from it, then you should move your focus on getting traffic from Google and search engines.

#3. Stop searching for easy and fast ways to get traffic

I did this mistake and I bet that the majority of new bloggers will do the same. Most bloggers will try to look for shortcuts, easy and fast ways to get traffic to their blogs.

But the cold truth is that getting a lot of traffic consistently will take many months and there’s no magic way to get tons of traffic overnight.

There are just a few and rare cases when you have a post on Facebook or Pinterest that will go viral and will drive a lot of traffic literally overnight – but this is rare.

Solid strategies to get traffic will take time and hard work to build, but the results will also be solid and last for years.

As the saying goes: “slow and steady wins the race”.

It’s much better to invest in a solid traffic strategy that takes time but will produce long-term results than wasting time on shortcuts that will take you to nowhere.

It’s fine to search for shortcuts or legit SEO hacks that can help you gain extra traffic on your blog, but make sure that you are implementing solid strategies to help you achieve long-term and sustainable results.

For example, getting traffic to your blog using Pinterest is much faster compared to building traffic from Google and search engines, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll not need to work hard.

The bottom line is that you’ll get results based not just only depending on your strategy but also and maybe most importantly on the amount of work that you put into it.

#4. Publish new content frequently

There’s a correlation between how many posts you are publishing and how much traffic you’ll get.

Sites like Google, Bing, and Pinterest will favor blogs that publish new content frequently and consistently.

This happens because their algorithms are based on authority, sites with more content will have more keywords that can potentially rank on their search results, driving more traffic to your blog.

It’s true that if your blog has only 20 posts with high volume keywords ranking on first spots you can drive tons of traffic. But the reality is that for a new blog it will be damn hard to get your brand new blog ranking on the first page of Google.

That’s why for a new blog it will be important to publish new content frequently and consistently. After some time it will start creating a snowball effect and you’ll see your traffic growing on your analytics.

What’s the ideal frequency to post new content?

Surely the more content, the better it is. But having limited time as a blogger (and maybe with an offline job), you should publish at least 2 or 3 new blog posts per week.

Or if your time is very limited, you should post a minimum of 1 or 2 blog posts per week. Remember that the quality of your blog posts comes first.

It’s recommended that your blog posts have a minimum of 1,000 words. It will not be a good idea to publish dozens of new posts per month if you write short articles of 500 words.

There are many studies from SEO experts proving that articles ranking on the first page of Google have a minimum of around 1,800 words. So always have in mind the importance of publishing high-quality articles.

#5. Focus on creating quality content that converts and not on other useless metrics

It’s a big mistake that I did in the past and I still see most new bloggers doing it. It’s very common to worry about how many followers you are getting on your Instagram or Facebook fan page.

But does the amount of followers will really influence how much traffic you can generate to your blog?

Not always.

The reality is that the number of followers is not a solid sign of success and I constantly see people with thousands of followers struggling to get traffic to their blogs.

Or even worse is when you get a lot of low-quality traffic from spammy methods.

And for some platforms like Pinterest, the total number of followers is a useless metric that you should not pay attention to – because Pinterest is a search engine, followers are not so important.

#6. Buy courses to get valuable lessons

I know that most people don’t like to invest hundreds of dollars buying courses, however, there are some great courses taught by people who have worked and learned the strategies that really work behind what it takes to get traffic for a blog.

I’ll not recommend specific courses, but you can easily find trusted bloggers selling great courses for under $200.

#7. Never give up! Getting a lot of traffic is a marathon, not a sprint

As I said earlier getting traffic to your blog is most probably the hardest part of being a blogger.

You are going to compete with 10+ years old blogs and it certainly will take months until you start seeing results.

The good part is that 90% of new bloggers are lazy people that will quickly give up as soon as they don’t see overnight success.


Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula to get thousands of visitors per day easily and quickly.

Follow the tips you learned on this post, work hard, and sooner or later you’ll start seeing a substantial increase in traffic to your blog.