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What Exactly does a Blogger do? And how they Make Money

Everyone that is familiar with the internet and technology probably already has heard about “bloggers”.

With the rise of smartphones every day more and more people are using the internet, and the term blog and bloggers are starting to pop up a lot more lately and many people are getting curious to know more details and things like what does a blogger do?

So if you are also curious… In this article I’ll answer questions like:

What is a blog?

Why people launch blogs?

What does a blogger do?

Before talking about what does a blogger actually do, you need to know the definition of a blog.

What is a blog?

The majority of internet users know what is a site or website – a bunch of pages with texts, images, links, and an URL (the name of your site). But what is a blog and how it is different from a regular website?

As you should know there are tons of different sites online. Websites selling stuff, sites with videos (YouTube), social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, and infinitely others.

Technically there’s no difference between a blog and any other site. They are all created using website programming codes and using the same protocols like HTTP.

Basically, the only difference of a blog is that this is a type of website where content (known as blog posts) is written and published in chronological order with the purpose of educating the readers on a specific topic.

Blogs can also have different pages like landing pages (pages made to capture email leads), sales pages, etc. But the pages are the majority of the content on the blog.

This page that you are reading right now is a blog post that is a part of my site.

In a short summary, a blog is a website created to give away content for readers, but also has other purposes like making money.

Why people launch blogs?

I only see two reasons for starting a blog:

#First reason is to make money

The whole majority of new blogs that I see being created have the main purpose of making money online. was created with this main purpose in mind.

With this blog I was able to:

  • Start making over $5,000 per month.
  • Quit my full-time job (honestly I hated it).
  • Create my own schedules for work.

Make money blogging is not a simple and easy task. It’s true that a blog can give you time and financial freedom.

But you must work hard and follow some solid strategies to succeed. If you are interested in making money blog, then I recommend that you read this post about how to start a successful blog.

#The second reason to start a blog is just for fun

The only other reason I see to create a blog is for fun. If making money blogging is not your main goal, much probably if you decide to start a blog the only other reason possible is to have a hobby.

Creating a blog to make money takes tons of work and you must learn many new skills to succeed. But if you want to create a blog just for fun or to share your opinions with the world, the amount of work involved is much smaller.

If you want to start a blog for fun you can just pick a free platform and start publishing your first post in 30 minutes or less.

What does a professional blogger do?

As I said, creating a blog to make money requires hard work and there’s a lot of different tasks involved.

If you want to start a blog for fun, basically the only thing you must do is to write and publish content. But the same doesn’t apply for a professional blogger that has blogging as their main source of income.

Basically, as a professional blogger, there are three main tasks involved:

  1. Write content.
  2. Get traffic to your blog (readers).
  3. Earn money by selling products or services.

Yes, three MAIN tasks, but… inside these three tasks, there are countless other tasks involved.

  • Research and Development.
  • Marketing your blog posts.
  • Customer service.
  • Taking care of the sales funnels and monetization
  • Etc.

And inside these sub-tasks, there are several different other types of working involved like designing pictures to your blog posts or images to your sales page, etc.

However, I’ll talk about only the three main tasks below.

#Write content (or blog posts)

This is the primary and most essential part of blogging.

Your blog content has the primary purpose to provide valuable information to your users, educate them to build trust and for the last recommend products and services to them (how professional bloggers make money).

Posting new content frequently is the core of this business model, the more content you publish faster will be your blog growth.

As a professional blogger, you must write useful content to attract visitors (I’ll explain below), so if you dream of being a blogger that makes money, you must love to write.

Fortunately, there are many blogging tools that will help bloggers getting content ideas and support for blogging.

#Market their posts

After writing useful articles consistently, getting traffic to your blog (visitors to read your posts) is the second most important factor that separates failed bloggers and blogs that make money.

While your blog posts are the core of this business. I consider traffic, the oxygen of your blog, if you don’t get traffic to your blog it will “die” (not make money).

There are several ways to market your blog posts. But generally, most bloggers are getting traffic from search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest.

#Monetization (selling products or services)

The most exciting part of being a professional blogger is making money. Basically, there are only three real ways to make money as a blogger:

  1. Displaying banner ads from companies like Google Adsense.
  2. Promoting other people’s products and earning a commission (affiliate marketing).
  3. Selling your own products or services.

Monetizing a blog with banner ads it’s the easiest way to make money with a blog, but it’s the method that will offer the worst reward. Making $1,000 per month with ads it’s difficult and requires tons of traffic.

On the other hand, selling your own products or promoting other people’s products is the method that will give you higher earnings. However selling is not easy, and you’ll need to test what kind of products converts well on your audience until you start making money.

And what kind of products do bloggers sell?

They could be physical or digital products. But most bloggers are selling digital products.

Digital products (aka informational products) usually are softwares, ebooks, or online courses.

Selling physical products can be riskier because you generally have to manage inventory, packing, return, chargebacks, etc. And this is the main reason why most bloggers are promoting digital products.

While with informational products you still have some risks like refunds, at least you don’t have the headache of managing, packing, and inventory. And the best benefit is that you have a very high profit margin, making digital products the best thing to sell online as a blogger.

Blogging can be a highly profitable business if you can drive tons of traffic and monetize the right way by promoting digital products.

What else does a professional blogger do?

As a personal blogger, you are a one-man show and your tasks will vary from day-to-day but as said previously, they generally involve these three main tasks.

Below are some other important tasks that a blogger will do:

Content Production

  • Writing high valuable blog posts.
  • Writing emails to your readers.
  • Creating your own products and services.

Research and Development

  • Finding new topics to write.
  • Reading articles to learn new strategies for your blog (monetization, traffic).

Marketing your products and articles

  • Investing time and resources to promote your products and blog posts in an efficient way..

Finance of your blog

  • Keeping track of your blog spending and earnings

There are countless other tasks that a personal blogger does, however after reading this article you can have a better idea of what exactly does a blogger do.