9 Amazing Reasons Why you Should Start a Blog

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Are you thinking to start a blog but are not sure if it is worth investing your time blogging?

Although most people believe that blogging is just a hobby or a stupid thing, there are many amazing benefits that you can reach blogging.

You can make a real business from a blog at the same time you can treat it like a hobby.

Personally, I started blogging, first because of the possibility to make money without having a boss, and second because writing and other necessary skills to make a blog is something that I really enjoy.

By the end of 2016, I got fired from the job that I hated and since then I decided to focus 100% of my time and energy on my blog. And it was worth every second spent on it.

Blogging was the best decision I made in my entire life.

So if you planning to start your own blog but still is not sure if it will be worth it or not, below are 9 of the best reasons why you should start a blog.

And I bet with you that if you start your own blog and put in real effort, you’ll not regret this decision.

#1. You can earn money working from home

Everybody loves money right?

Getting a good job that you love and that pays well it’s not an easy task, even if you live in a rich country like the United States, just a few people are lucky enough to have their dream jobs.

But unfortunately, the majority of people will have to be “happy” with their current job.

Here’s is where blogging comes.

Blogging is not just a stupid hobby for teens as many may people think. There are countless topics that you can blog and many of them can be very profitable.

The top blogs can generate anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000 per month.

Could you imagine that after quitting your soul-sucking job and maybe 1 or 2 years later, you could be earning 5 figures per month?

That’s totally possible.

But blogging is not a “get rich scheme” and to build a successful blog, you need to make serious sacrifices in the beginning… Like staying 6 to 10 hours per day in front of the computer working on “this thing”.

Blogging like everything in life has good and bad times.

It’s not all sunshine, roses and pretty photos on amazing places like you could imagine – at least in the first 6 months, you’ll need to work really hard to see some results.

But after this phase, you’ll start enjoying all the benefits of a professional blogger.

So now If you think that blogging is for you and you haven’t started your blog yet, read this article to discover how to start and make money blogging.

#2. You can have time and location freedom

You’ll agree with me that the worst thing about having a “normal job” is working hard the entire year for having only 2 weeks of vacation per year.

Even worse than this is knowing that only when you are 65 years old you’ll have a lot of free time to travel and explore the world or simply have more free time to spend with your family or doing the things that you really love.

Do you want to wait to enjoy your life only when you’ll be old?

I wanted to enjoy my life at the moment that I’m still young, plus the fact that having more free time to decide how long my vacations will last is an amazing benefit that only blogging can give me.

Other benefits that only blogging will allow you:

  • Wake up and go to bed when you want.
  • Start working on your blog at the moment you want.
  • Work on the days you want
  • Drive without traffic.
  • Shop when the stores are empty.
  • Etc, etc.

Now you get the idea about what “location and time freedom” is.

You can design your day and your own hours, doing the daily activities at the moment you want and not depending on others.

#3. It’s the cheapest business you can start

Blogging it’s simply the best business model to get started.

You don’t need to invest your life savings to get started. It’s 100% common a traditional business requires a small fortune to get started. Even worse is not having the guarantee of success.

There are countless stories from people that saved money for many years to start their business just to fail one year later. In these cases many people get depressed.

On the other side, starting a blog is SUPER cheap.

How much money do you think that you need to start a successful blog?

One thousand dollars?

With $200 or even $100 you can start a profitable blog.

Basically here are the main costs of starting a blog:

  • $10 to register your domain name.
  • $10- $30 a month for hosting.
  • $19/month to start your email list.
  • A premium WordPress theme that costs around $50.

Definitely, there’s no other type of business that can make a lot of money with a start-up cost lower than this.

#4. Blogging will challenge you (and bring benefits)

As said above, starting your own blog is incredibly cheap. But it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. (otherwise, all bloggers would be rich).

The real cold reality is that making a blog successful that makes tons of money is difficult and in the end is like any other business and you must work hard to see results.

So if you are starting your blog today, don’t expect to be earning $10,000/month after only 3 months.

You must treat your blog like a real business to get there where you want.

Some big challenges that I faced before reaching success:

  • Created 2 blogs that failed before this one.
  • Created products that no one bought.
  • Spent over one thousand dollars on tools, courses, ideas, and crappy stuff that not worked.
  • I gave up my social life to work on my blog on the weekends.
  • Maybe the worst thing is trying to convince my family that making money with a blog is possible.
  • Many other challenges.

But you know what is the best thing about failing and failing again before reaching a lot of success?

You’ll bring a strong mentality, this means failing before reaching success will make a more positive person. And you’ll figure out that nothing is impossible.

Of course, I’m not saying that you must spend years failing before having success in your door…

Below I explain better why all these challenges will improve a lot your life and personality.

#5. Blogging will Sky-rocket your confidence

Here I’ll expand on the previous point.

Since we were kids we were taught from parents and from our society that failing is a bad thing and that we should avoid doing things that challenge us or that make us feel uncomfortable.

To build a successful blog you’ll have to learn to deal with fear of failure, negativity from your friends and family because they think that blogging is for fools.

But here is when the goods things will come; initially you’ll make mistakes, will have to deal with fear and many other negative emotions. But if you don’t quit blogging and persists, sooner or later you’ll find success and earn a lot of money in your pocket.

If you pass this initial step, blogging can change your life, because it will increase:

  1. Your patience.
  2. Your persistence.
  3. Will make you a positive person.
  4. Can drastically improve your self-confidence.
  5. Can help to build a strong mentality.
  6. Many other benefits.

#6. You’ll learn new skills

I have to admit that since when I started my first 2 blogs that failed, I hated writing.

First, because this blog is in English and this is not the native language in my country.

The second reason is that writing is not a simple task as many people may believe. This happens because you need to find ideas and topics to write about and even more difficult than this is that you need to condensate thoughts down into actionable information that your readers will understand.

And to be honest, even today, there’s a lot to improve on my writing skills.

But little by little things start getting easier. I remember that in the beginning writing a 500 words text was difficult and used to take 2 or 3 hours to write it.

Currently, I’m able to write around 2000 words in 4 hours or less depending of the topic.

I also hated creating and editing images. But now designing images is something that I enjoy.

Many activities that I hated in the past, now is a hobby for me.

And for this reason, blogging is a job that if you insist, it will “force” you to develop new skills.

The same principle can happen in other areas of your life, you’ll understand that learning a new skill is not so difficult as you could have imagined in the past.

#7. You’ll help people

The essence of blogging is creating valuable content that can solve problems. People are constantly looking for new ideas for new problems, trying to learn a new skill.

And here is why blogging can be so important, you aren’t just typing words about a topic that you like… Instead, if you are an expert in your niche and write valuable articles you are going to help people make their lives better.

For example, I only learned about investing money by reading blogs, and there are tons of other things that I learned from blogs.

And the same will happen if you start your own blog.

If you have a blog about finance, you can help people increase their income, save money, and in many cases even help people quit their jobs and live from the profits from their investments.

But it’s important to have in mind that while you may start a blog just to make money, the purpose of your blog is to serve others by helping them to solve their problems.

#8. You can be your own boss

Yes, you can be your own boss. But there’s one big downside: you are completely responsible for generating your own paycheck and like any other business, there are risks involved.

Not all bloggers will become rich. And the initial stage of blogging can be frustrating and even painful.

You are 100% responsible for doing the tasks that will generate money for you. And to get to the stage of making real money with your blog, it will require dedication and hard work.

But when you work hard and get in the stage of making money from your blog… Well, I don’t need to repeat the points above. Just remember the main benefits:

  • Financial freedom.
  • Time and location freedom.
  • The ability to plan your day, the way you want.

#9. Blogging can create other income opportunities

As said before, if you start blogging, you can develop several new skills, improve your writing, help increase your self-confidence, and many countless other benefits.

And guess what?

All these new skills can help you create new income opportunities, maybe another blog in a different niche, create a new service or product to sell, or even creating a new revolutionary project.

Once you find success in one area and learn new skills, it gets much easier to leverage the growth of a new project or business. It can help you to open doors for uncountable new areas in your life.


I can definitely say that blogging is not just a hobby,  but it’s an activity that can generate a big extra income, maybe enough to quit your job and live a lifestyle that your friends will envy.

And also can improve many of your personal qualities.

Still, have not started your blog?

Check this step-by-step guide to start a blog and become a happier person.